Must Watch Tucker Carlson Interview With POTUS on Helsinki Trump-Putin Summit (VIDEO)

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by Chris Black

If you’re not watching Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, you’re not paying attention at what’s happening in the world. Now, if you ask me, Tucker’s interview with President Trump following the historic Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin is one of the best pieces of cable news in history.  I am being serious here. Here’s the starting monologue, opening remarks and all that, absolutely epic:

The first part:

Then part deux:

The interview was recorded a few hours after the Helsinki summit. Now, if you ask me, I bet Trump will pull the US out of NATO, provided he runs and wins a second term. Remember where you read it first. Watch out for joint military exercises with Russia, increased economic/diplomatic relations and then NATO would be gone faster than tears in the rain. But I am digressing.

Here’s Putin’s interview with Chris Wallace:

Now, let me say a few things about the current hysteria in the MSM surrounding the Trump-Putin summit. The question that was asked to the POTUS was inappropriate. He is standing there, with Putin, the leader of the world’s second military super-power, and the media is playing games constantly, to put him on the spot. Did Russia interfere with the election? Do you believe our intel-agencies or do you believe Putin? Now, we’ve been told day in and day out that our intelligence agencies cannot be trusted; that they lied to get us into the war with Iraq. Right?

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Goes all the way back to the sixties, the Gulf of Tonkin incident and all that. Yet, all of a sudden, the left loves our intel agencies and hate Russia. Why? Because the CIA was headed until recently by a former communist, a nasty incompetent buffoon, and I am talking about John Brennan.

Here’s a question to ask your progressive buddies: when did Russia interfere with the 2016 election? Like, doh, in 2016? Who was POTUS in 2016? Barack Obama. Who was the head of the CIA? John Brennan. Who was the head of the DIA? James Clapper. Who was the head of the DOJ? Loretta “Tarmac” Lynch.  Who was the head of the FBI? James Comey. And before him? Robert Mueller. How is it that after all this time, 2 years, the Russians are interfering with our election, and the people who did nothing about it are never held to account? They sit on the sidelines, attacking Trump, or Nunes in the intel-committee, or Jim Jordan. The Trump campaign is the victim in all this, because after 2 years of “investigations”, there have been no charges based on collusion with the Russians. And, they refuse to investigate Obama and his crowd when it comes to collusion with the ruskies. So we need to get this all on the table.  Here’s another example on how the left operates:

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