My bank just pushed the digital wallet on me several times before giving me my cash.

by YallAre2Soft

Large mainstream bank.

I go in after deciding to pull out $1500 in petty cash, with all this talk of cyber attacks and the economy being wild I figure its best to have small bills up to big bills just in case.

“Hello I’d like to withdraw 1500”

“Okay, do you have a digital wallet?”

“No I’ve got my card.”

“I can help you setup the digital wallet, it’s just like your card but on your phone.”

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“I’ve got my card. I just need the cash”

“With a digital wallet you probably wouldn’t even need cash.”

At this point I’m looking around thinking I’m in a simulation or something because last I checked a bank was for depositing and withdrawing cash.

But it was odd to me, I’m only in here to get cash in case the digital world fails and they skip the small talk altogether now and go straight for making my physical cash obsolete.

The conspiracy here is they don’t want us to have the cash because IN THE EVENT of a digital crash even temporarily, the ones with papers and goods are going to be fine much longer than those relying entirely on digital wallets and cards. If everyone had cash their little planned cyberattack wouldn’t be a big deal.

Go get some cash out today, let me know if they push the digital wallet.


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