My doomy outlook on the Coronavirus by request.

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by YouAreDreaming

I don’t need uncle intel, we have had evidence emerge from medical reports on the virus indicating that it’s 50% genetically modified material from epidemiologists. Not tin-foil hatters.

I’ve known since January 25th, 2020 when virus samples were uploaded outside of China… that is when the medical researchers who have to come up with vaccines and treatments went ape-shit over what they discovered in the genome.

India’s report that got stamped out by the disinformation campaign was accurate, this has 4 HIV proteins, SARS/MERS and Encephlatitis proteins.

It is made from a Bat Coronavirus shell which highly mutates. The payload takes a person to serious at 20% meaning you have 1 in 5 chances (playing Russian roulette with a 5 chamber gun) that it might take you to serious/critical where medical attention is needed or you die.

With medical treatment, 20% becomes 6% despite the lies that the media is claiming at 2%. We’ve even heard the WHO say 20% to serious and 6% death even with medical treatment and it can be an entire month in a hospital until recovered.

However, recovered but not cured is the part most of you are missing in the details. The virus likes to mutate just like HIV and change it’s coronavirus outer sheath. This means as the body goes through the normal immune-loop to produce an anti-body for Generation 1 of the first infection after it tricked the body using HIV proteins to hide ie the asymptomatic 14 day – 30 day period (yes it’s a bell curve and some people can go potentially longer than 30 days and be infectious without symptoms). The virus mutates and a new corona sheath is produced nullifying the first anti-bodies and the immune-loop process repeats.

Another click on the 1-5 chamber gun. The body resolves that, potentially a 14-20 day process and gets Gen-2 but by that time Gen3/Gen4/Gen5 may now exist the same loop, the same click of the gun. This is why HIV anti-virals appear to be the only working solution for doctors at the moment.

You catch this and theoretically could need to be on anti-virals for the rest of your life, just like AIDS patients.

Part of it’s genetically modified traits is an entirely new, never seen before in nature protein that deals with how it infects the body. This is why the R4.6-6.6 rating and 83% chance of being infected is so alarming. It’s airborne, it’s a small microbe 0.3% microns and just being around someone not showing symptoms can infect via them just breathing.

Or if they use the toilet as it passes through fecal matter that another person using same bathroom is at high-risk of infection so public washrooms should be avoided if there is a cluster in your area.

The bottom line… the media is downplaying the severity of this but countries are preparing for it as in judge by what they do, not what they say. What they say are lies. What they do is more important in exposing that lie. You don’t lock down 760 million people in China for the flu.

What concerns some people who are working on this problem is that the virus although is only 20% to serious, because of the mutations it could theoretically be 100% fatal for anyone catching it without medical treatments over time.

It’s still too early to confirm that so it’s a very doomy theory. As I was told, this has the potential to wipe Humanity off the map and can become as common as the common cold now that it’s part of our viral ecology.

Add to that, you can catch it multiple times, it’s Noval no herd immunity meaning no one is immune. You might catch someone’s Gen2/Gen3/Gen4 infection while you just have Gen1 causing much more severe chances of going critical and dying if you are around a big cluster of infection.

It was designed to kill, that is its job. It is a weapon. Not designed to give you a hug and kisses.

The reason why people are not alarmed, China is covering up the deaths, burning bodies en mass and lying. Iran had a leak that over 1400 are now dead as of yesterday and that number no doubt is higher today.

Once you present symptoms and you body recovers, the encephalitis portion of the protein sequence is attacking the nervous system where it’s hard for blood to access and present antibodies, the nervous system infection is what is causing people who appear fine to suddenly drop into a seizure and die. That kick effect is pretty much sudden death as death can happen within a minute of that event.

Assuming pneumonia and hypoxia (depleted oxygen) doesn’t kill you (event 1) or organ failure ie heart attack, liver failure, etc (event 2)… if it’s in your nervous system (event 3) will. It’s a multi-tiered killer, lots of regions of the body this is affecting: Lungs, Organs, Nervous system.

Death can come from all three regions of infection and depending on the person this is also part of that bell curve so it seems about 6 days average after symptoms to go into critical but can be longer everyone is different and this also has gain-of-function meaning it gets nastier as it adapts to you and can become even more lethal not dropping traits but gaining traits as it evolves unlike a natural virus that can have a loss of function ie become harmless like the cold.

That is why this is real doom folks, not fake doom or fake news. It doesn’t care what you believe… if I had a bunker right now I’d be in one but I don’t. But many CEOs seem to be bugging out. It’s the masses who don’t know but trust me, lots of people in power know what this is.

However the ministry of propaganda is controlling information ie the infodemic that the WHO talks about saying to them it’s scarier than the virus but the reality is… it will expose the agenda or event 201 reality of this planned mass depopulation event.



Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t represent the views of IWB.


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