My experience job hunting.

Been unemployed for about 9 months now.

Yes majority was during the covid crap.

I’ve filled out hundreds of applications, sent my resume to hundreds of places, nada.

I see the same job postings day after day.

I go to places in person, i ask about job postings online.

I am met with snarky attitudes, i am told that if they are interested they will call me.

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I am also told by some places that they are not hiring at all(despite an online job posting), or an outside company does the hiring.

Fake jobs, fake life.

Also I spoke with an unemployment counselor who works with the city, he told me currently there are way more people out of work than jobs available.

What does this mean? hundreds if not thousands of applicants for each job, and super picky employers

At this point getting a job is like winning the lottery.





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