My experience on getting a full refund from United Airlines.

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by cgrez33​

Today exactly 72hrs or whatever before travel, I get an email that the flight Is cancelled per the airline. I hadn’t made changes or cancelled the flight yet. Though I was planning to but they had told me to wait until 72 hours before the flight to make any changes.

Dealing with Expedia:

Flight was booked through Expedia. So I contacted them first. They said “we’re gonna check out United’s policies”

Waited for like 20 min on chat for an answer….

Expedia: “As per instructions we got from United, they are not offering refund for this flight, instead they are giving credit for future travel.” Me: They canceled my flight. I didn’t. Why wouldn’t that qualify me for a refund?

Expedía: “I’m sorry about it, due to the situation going on, we must follow the airlines decision. But if you really wish to get a refund, as a friendly recommendation, you can try to submit a refund claim with the airline directly.”

I asked them if there’s anything they can since I booked through them and they said “nahh fam but good luck tho”

Dealing with United:

I call united and get a rep on the phone tell them “I’m calling because my flight has been cancelled and I would like to understand why I do not qualify for a refund”

The lady says flight was canceled but asked if my dates are flexible she could accommodate. I said no I’m not traveling, we can’t leave.

She said she’s gonna check my options. I’m assuming it’s gonna be what Expedia told me. Airline credit to use within 12 months of date or purchase. Which is BS cause I bought the ticket in December and in December I didn’t know we’d be in this pickle.

United also offered a travel certificate that I could use for two years and it doesn’t have to be the original ticketed passenger using it. (IMO loophole as their solution for the DOT being on their ass).

I told her I have no intentions of traveling in the near future and would like a full refund this is why DOT issued their guidance.

As soon as DoT was mentioned I got a complete different attitude. “okay sir please hold while we request authorization for a refund to the credit card that was used at the time or purchase”

I hold for like 15 min, authorization was granted. My refund should be reflect in 7-14 days.



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