My grandfather became one of the 320,000 people whose lives were taken by COVID19…

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by GoodBoi_JStack

…and I’ve never been more convinced that this pandemic is the greatest scam ever perpetrated on the citizenry of the United States and the world.

My grandfather was in his mid 80s, and had been rapidly deteriorating over the last few years. He has smoked since his 20s, survived a heart attack, had failing kidneys, needed ankle braces to walk, and had been on prescription narcotics for pain since his 50s.

He recently got himself and my grandmother moved into a well regarded assisted living facility near his home town. To get in, they both had to quarantine for 14 days and take a covid test. They were both negative and moved in a couple of months ago. After moving in, they then quarantined for an addition 7 days in their room. This facility was very serious about covid protocol, and once in the facility they were only allowed to see their children and grandchildren through a plexiglass cube with an intercom system. The residents of the facility were nearly completely separated from the public at large. They got food from the in house kitchen and their medications were delivered from the pharmacies.

A couple of weeks ago my grandpa started hallucinating, could barely stand, and had trouble breathing. He was rushed to the hospital(my grandmother left to be with him and was locked outside of the facility). He was tested for covid, and was found negative. He continued to deteriorate in the hospital, and the Drs routinely believed he had covid, so they tested him again. Negative. He continued downhill and was put on end of life care. Believing he was at death’s door and wanting him to spend his last moments with his family, the family fought to bring him home.

He survived a few more days and died at his daughter’s house while he was surrounded by his children, grandchildren, and great grand children.

His death paperwork stated that he passed from pneumonia caused by covid complications.

The man passed 3 covid tests, lived in a Tupperware container for months, and finally passed on after nearly a decade of fighting serious medical conditions…and the hospital’s “analysis” is that he died of covid.

It’s all such tiresome, transparent, bullshit.

Grandfather is a single data point, do with this story what you will, but from my vantage point it seems that medical practitioners have lost whatever knowledge was gained in the last 100 years and now serve merely as bureaucrats who rubber stamp “COVID” on everyone who enters their care.

Sorry for the long story. Be well.


Thank you all for the well wishes

Grandfather was a tremendous man and he lives on through a laughably large number of great grandchildren.

I’m not mad that he passed. He lived a full life, ensured my grandmother would live the rest of her days in comfort, and was ready to check out. He was amazing in life, and he’ll still be amazing when I some day meet him again.

I’m mad because we were lied to about the cause of his death. Believe me, I am well and truly pissed about that.


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