My journey of survival with stage 5 kidney disease

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by Mathetes


Please pass this on to anyone with kidney disease! It started in 2005

I am not on dialysis, I’m at 8% kidney function & have been there for 4 or so years, much to the shock to all my doctors. About 3 years ago I had a moment in a docs office where I got the very strong impression from God that a transplant wasn’t for me, this is very personal thing so I leave it to you.

I am self employed as I have been my entire adult life, I only work 15-16 hours a week, fortunately its enough to pay the bills, I think this is one reason for my prolonged life, its something that I want to do to help my wife & it gives me some exercise, I actually feel better after working my usual 1 to 3 hours, moving around, lots of walking

The secret:

#1 Very important! You must not get stressed out, I’m at peace because of my faith

#2 Baking soda, before I began baking soda treatment my blood work was all over the place, 1 month everything would be too high, next month all my counts would too low, since starting baking soda treatment, 5 years ago, my counts are perfect, I even had one doc tell me it wouldn’t hurt if you drank a coke lol

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Start out slow try 1/4 teaspoon a day with 16 oz water. I currently take a full table spoon every night with 16 oz water, but work up to this

#3 Cut way back on protein,& only eat small servings of anything.

#4 The most important thing, no matter what you think, prayer works! Ask people to pray for you! Message me & I will pray for you or whomever you need prayer for

#5 I just started a regime of pro-biotics with something called renadyl= a natural supplement for kidney problems, metabolizes nitrogenous waste that has diffused from the bloodstream into the bowel. Its only been about 4 days, but I can tell something good is going on, before i was extremely constipated, that’s gone! I’ll update this in 6-8 weeks

#6 Sleep, you must get at least 10 hours a day

#7 You must increase your bodies nitric oxide levels, NO opens up your blood veins/increases circulation. The #1 cause of death with kidney disease is heart attacks. Spinach is very good as is beet juice, if you can’t handle these try Berkeley Life – Nitric Oxide Booster, they even provide test strips so you can see it working

#8 You must have goals to live for, working & watching my family grow has done it for me. When I 1st got seriously ill, in 2006, my goal was watching my oldest son grad HS in 2008, then my youngest in 2012, then my oldest from college in 2013, now my goal is seeing my grandson born this October, the plan is to keep setting goals on what you want to see & thinking about seeing them! Keep adding little goals like this no matter what they are!

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#9 Don’t be shy about talking about your disease with family/friends, most people get weird & don’t want to bring it up, tell them how your doing, tell them your going to beat this, you must get this ideal in your mind, that with God’s help you will win!

#10 There is a lot of research that mega dosing with turmeric can actually heal your kidneys, about 2 years ago I did an 8 week mega dosing cycle, I had to stop at 8 weeks because I became allergic, but my functions did get better! When I say mega dosing I mean 5-6 Grams a day

Lastly, pray for me my friends & pray for me that I can fulfill my dream of launching a YouTube channel with much more detail, I honestly don’t care if I make a penny, this knowledge needs to get to people


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