My YouTube double ad conspiracy

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by Vexcenot


Let’s get straight to the point

When it begun:

On late December, 2018 (Possibly earlier). Countless of small channels got hit by the “reused content” wave which caused them to all get demonetized whether it was justified or not.

Why mostly the smaller channels you ask? Well it’s simple. Smaller channels tend to rely on bigger content to work with like for example, Side by Side comparison videos of other people’s parody, YTP, etc. Basically having someone’s clip in their video or have the video base mostly around the said clip without much commentary. PLUS smaller channels don’t have a big amount of followers meaning they can’t get to express how the feel about this situation to many people and can’t be heard.

This has forced many channels to either stop making videos or at least not make as much as they used to since they have lost some purpose for doing so. But now that a huge amount of ads have been taken from these channels, where do they all go?

How the double ads got here:

If you haven’t been using ad block on YouTube recently, you may have noticed that you are now getting 2 ads before a video starts or ends every once in a while. I noticed that these type of ads appear more frequently on bigger channels which YouTube deemed “advertiser friendly” e.g: fortnite content. Basically, where those videos would have many mid roll ads to begin with.

This is where I believe all the ads revoked from the smaller channels end up in. To the more popular channels with a large amount of viewers to see those ads.

Why would YouTube do this though? Well here are my thoughts. Since smaller channels barely get as much people to come across these ads as compared to the bigger channels. Why bother having them displayed there when it could all be moved to channels which can constantly produce 100 thousands or millions of people to see the ads and get large amount of money more quickly?

Basically what I’m saying is, YouTube has really killed off the small channels this time and spoon feeding only the popular channels. However this is JUST a THEORY and I could be wrong about the whole thing. Comment on what you think of this.




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