Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff have taken over Congress

by Xeven

The House of Representatives power is derived by the votes of the people’s chosen representatives. Pelosi has taken over as an emperor of the house, not allowing members their voice or vote in Presidential impeachment matters.

She has placed herself and her own will as the sole Representative of the people.

This cannot stand and is in itself unconstitutional.


ROLL CALL: Democrats face consequences of skipping floor impeachment vote: House Democrats gave themselves political wiggle room, but the strategy also leaves open questions about the inquiry’s legitimacy. “A federal judge, hearing arguments Tuesday about whether the House Judiciary Committee should get grand jury materials from the special counsel report from Robert S. Mueller III as part of an impeachment inquiry, questioned when she could know such an inquiry had begun if there wasn’t a floor vote. . . . That procedural ambiguity underscores the complex politics of impeachment, where Pelosi wants to simultaneously legitimize the House’s constitutional role to investigate the president for wrongdoing and play politics at the same time.”







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