Nancy Pelosi deteriorates further, wishes everyone a ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ on Valentine’s Day, no call for her removal

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wished everyone a “Happy Thanksgiving” — on Valentine’s Day at the bill signing this week.

Pelosi was so excited to be signing the new border bill this week that she had another brain freeze.

The Democrat Speaker of the House also slipped and called the border bill “our victory” because of course it’s all about Washington — to hell with the American people. Pelosi caught herself and corrected her statement quickly and said, “or the victory for the American people.”

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“Happy Valentine’s Day. We saluted our victory – or the victory for the American people – earlier with chocolate. Chocolate from California, I call it the champagne of chocolate. So again, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. You should go home now to your loved ones,” Pelosi said.


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