Nancy Pelosi has 30 $140 strike $FB calls expiring this week how much money did she make? Lets do some backtesting and find out!

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by realister


According to her financial disclosures Nancy Pelosi purchased 30 $FB $140 strike calls expiring 1/17/20 (this Friday) and she paid 35.5 ($3550) for each of them in October 2018 right before the Christmas correction.

She paid a total of around $105,000 for this trade. At one point her position was down more than 70% in January last year!

Pelosi Periodic Transaction Report

How much is that position worth today? I did some quick backtesting in Thinkorswim to find out and those call options are now worth a cool 78.25 ($7250)

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Which comes out to around $130,000 profit.

Backtesting results in Thinkorswim

It looks like she did not have any secret info from her powerful friends before the huge correction in 2018 (she bought RIGHT before the dip) but she still came out on top anyway by having IRON HANDS and buying long dated LEAPS!

Judging by her past actions she will most likely exercise these options and keep the shares of Facebook for now.



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