Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Seems to be a Savant at Timing His Stock Market Trades, Beating Nearly Every Hedge Fund by 30%

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Amassing a 9 figure fortune doesn’t have to be difficult, if you’re married to the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Paul Pelosi, husband of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, appears to be one of the best known stock traders as everything he touches seems to turn to gold. In a year where hedge funds have averaged around an 11% profit through Jan-Nov. 2021, Pelosi has managed to absolutely destroy that number. Though the exact numbers are difficult to ascertain (thanks to wide monetary ranges in Congressional reporting requirements), it’s easy to see Pelosi seems to almost always pick winners.

In filings since the start of 2021, Nancy Pelosi has reported her husband has made several significant investments in both stocks and call options. Companies such as Microsoft (Microsoft Teams), NVIDIA (GPUs/chips), Apple (consumer electronics), Amazon (home delivery of everything/cloud services), Alphabet (Google), and Roblox (gaming from home) most of which, while resilient on their own merits during normal times, saw huge jumps in value during the continuing pandemic.

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