Naomi Wolf, Democrat with an important non-partisan message on the vax passports

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Naomi Wolf, Democrat with an important non-partisan message:

Naomi R. Wolf is an American liberal feminist author, journalist. Following her first book The Beauty Myth, she became a leading spokeswoman of what has been described as the third wave of the feminist movement.
She is speaking as a techician/CEO to explain the technology of this V.psprt, being proposed recently.
This proposed V Psprt platform is the same platform being used to enslave over a billion people in China now
It includes:
– a rigorous -Social Credit System,
– it will be one that rewards the discrediting of others
– with severe penalties for attempting to discredit the wrong people
– millions of 360 degree surveillance cameras outside and inside homes
– It can find any dissonant in minutes
– It can collate groups of dissonants, shut and lock down anyone’s ability to buy/sell/move
-This can open or close opportunities to a person and any part of their future, in a microsecond.
– to restrict development edits
– to constrain payment provisions from bank card credits and PayPal, or Apple-Pay etc..
– to keep people in “continually locked CV status” based on their own secret algorithms
– their pursuit to indulge in tyrannically imposed public, mass behavior modifications
– the restriction of any type of discussion within any place, including your own personal space like at home
– the restriction of any type of communications technology through text, or even alleged walking by one.
– it is already tied to Apple pay and Google wallets
– there would be no opt-out options
She’s been deplatformed 5 times since beginning to share this information
This is the most dangerous technology she has ever seen.
There’s no such thing as coming back from this.
If this succeeds, there would be no such thing as refusing to opt-in
From then on, there would be
No more Capitalism
No more Free assembly
No more Privacy
No more personal preferences nor even referencing any better choices without credit penalties.
There would be no escape without substantial nuke’s-EPS, or solar CME’s wiping out everything else, too.
* It completely violates The American Disability Act
* It violently violates our 1st and 4th Amendments
And yet, She is a Democrat? This is far beyond her partisanship with them..
It is advised to listen to her recommendations for further education on this topic.
Search: Naomi Wolf this was originally posted on her personal page.
FORBES published an article 4/6/21 saying there will not be a Federal Sponsored V.psprt. This occurs carefully worded. Be aware and watching for industry & corporations take on implementation of any/various kinds.

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See also  DailyMail: "Xi Jinping delivers chilling message for the West to Putin: 'change is coming that hasn't happened in 100 years...


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