NASA has never seen anything like this. 9 C-class flares and 2 M-class flares in only 24 hours… AND COUNTING!

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All directed at or near Earth. NASA has never seen anything like this.

With the Earth’s weakening magnetic field these could have significant impact beginning tomorrow, Monday 5-24-21. They are coming from a relatively small sunspot# AR2824 which is trying to connect to another sunspot with an opposite charge but there are none around. X-ray and ultraviolet output towards Earth has increased 10,000 fold over the last day which is creating enough atmosphere ionization to drown out interference from lightning from local thunderstorms on AM band. NASA is saying that none of them are Earth-directed but watching video from Stereo-A and Stereo-B shows NASA is full of shit! They have even stopped updating their solar output spiral!

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This new increased output of rapid-fire solar flares could have effects on thunderstorm and tropical storm intensity and electrical output. If the flares continue they could start having effects on satellite communication and, if intense enough, could create auroras in lower than usual latitudes. Cell phone service could be disrupted as well. Eyes on the sun people. It’s no coincidence that the volcano in the Congo erupted yesterday in the midst of all of this solar activity. They are well known to be connected.

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Look for possible KP indexes up to 7 for possibly days at a time.



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