NASDAQ:EA price falling 44% from July, $144 to just $81 as more government regulators move to regulate lootboxes

by YouOnlyLiftedOnce

On 27 November 2018, the Australian Parliament has concluded a detailed report with detailed proposal including classify games including loot boxes as gambling. [1]

After repeated delayed release and confirmed under-performance of EA’s latest releases Star Wars: Battlefront II and Battlefield V, compounded with increasing likelihood of complete lootbox bans, which accounts for $1.3 bn of EA’s annual earning, will be facing complete bans similar to what it has faced in Belgium. Should the ongoing regulations pass worldwide, including proposed regulations in the US senate, EA will be facing approximately $0.8 bn losses in earnings. [2]

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Other game publishers relying heavily on micro-transactions have also been impacted by the possibility of a rolling regulation or possible suspension.

[1] Australian Parliament report –



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