Nashville bomber’s girlfriend told police 16 months ago that he was building bombs in his RV

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  • Pamela Perry told police in August 2019 Anthony Warner was making a bomb
  • They went to his house and saw an RV parked outside, protected by cameras
  • Nashville police say that Warner’s lawyer blocked a search of the RV
  • Warner’s lawyer Raymond Throckmorton cannot recall stopping a search
  • Throckmorton says he told police Warner was capable of making a bomb
  • Police said on Tuesday they had no means of pursuing Perry’s allegations
  • Warner killed himself on Christmas Day by blowing up his RV in central Nashville

The girlfriend of the Nashville Christmas Day bomber told police in 2019 that he was building a bomb in his RV, and yet officers never looked inside.

Pamela Perry’s lawyer Raymond Throckmorton called Nashville police on August 21, 2019.

When they arrived Perry told officers that Anthony Warner was wiring up explosives inside the RV he kept parked in his home, half a mile from her own.

Yet officers failed to search the RV which was used to devastating effect 16 months later, in an elaborate suicide staged by Warner.



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