NASVILLE EXPLOSION — Excellent Timeline And Supporting Evidence Of White Hat Strike

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Nashville Christmas Explosion :
A Timeline of Events

What really happened in Nashville? An Attack on AT&T’s Critical Infrastructure?

1:22 AM – RV First Seen In The Area

6:00 AM – Police Arrived On Scene For Reports Of Shots Fired

6:30 AM – The Explosion Occurred And Local Communications Were Knocked Out

12 PM – AT&T Services Suffered Major Widespread Outages

2:22 PM – FAA Halts Flights At Nashville Airport

4:30 PM – Curfew Imposed On The Area

4:36 PM – FAA Orders No Fly Zone over the area for National Defense, dealy force authorized

Based on the Timeline of Events it is clear that this was not a “Terrorist Attack”

The article has a good bit of supporting information but I didn’t realize exactly how odd this particular bombing was being treated until I saw the timeline.

Why did it take 5 1/2 hours for AT&T to experience widespread outages?

Why did it take almost 8 hours to halt domestic flights or 10 hours to shut down airspace?

Why the curfew, especially since they’ve identified the suspects?

Exactly what the f*ck is going on in Nashville?



h/t Nawt Meh Prezdunt


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