National Border Patrol Council Leader Says President Trump And Secretary Nielsen Performing Miracle.

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by Ruby Henley

The National Border Patrol Council Leader tells Fox News that what President Trump and Secretary Nielsen have done is nothing short of a miracle.   Today, Apr. 28, 2018, it is being reported that the migrant caravan is at the border demanding entry into the US as human beings to seek asylum.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen is adamant that they will be arrested if they try to enter breaking immigration laws.  She bears down by saying she will enforce current laws in place, as they have been ignored. These laws have never been taken seriously, but now they will be the bottom line in fighting the battle at the US borders.

Eight asylum seekers marched up the walkway of the pedestrian bridge to San Ysidro on Friday.  Their plight has brought condemnation upon what President Trump is doing to maintain the border security of the United States.


Despite the amount of asylum seekers, who have previously been accepted by the US, the criticism is rampant and unforgiving.  However, the National Border Patrol Council Leader praises what President Trump has managed to do with the immigration system, but he is a lone voice in the dark.

No one seems to understand the plight of the United States, as this becomes the new normal in the world today.  President Trump is doing what American citizens asked him to do, but he is under heavy attack for doing just that.

He has done the impossible by actually receiving the cooperation needed from DHS to prevent an invasion or “migrant caravan” into the US by way of the Mexico border.

He has been fought every step of the way by Governor Jerry Brown, who is allowing the state of California to be destroyed.  Many are calling out to President Trump to help their state, regardless of Brown and the Democrats.


This is a very complex and moral issue, and I have been researching to understand the plight of these asylum seekers.  I will not pretend to have the answer, and what I am about to say in defense of these troubled people may not suit some of you.

However, there is no easy solution in protecting the borders of the United States while still maintaining the status of “friend to all immigrants.”  I believe the failure in our immigration system began in the Obama Administration, as Obama chose to ignore the sovereignty of the Country he represented.

President Obama viewed the globe as his “country,” and he favored the United Nations as his supreme ruler.  Not only that, Obama sought to incorporate an American population with an illegal immigrant population.

On one hand, is it viable at this time in history to dismiss the responsibility of the United States in the immigration crisis?

Why would anyone consider the United States to be the “Satan” of the world?  The root of this accusation lies in the “regime change” goal of our government imposed upon other countries.  We have infringed, in many cases, on their right to do exactly what we have done.


In the case of North Korea, it appears that President Trump has worked a miracle in bringing the underestimated, Kim Jong Un,  to the negotiating table.

Just a few months after the president traded insults with the North Korea ruler, North and South Korea are on the verge of a peace deal.

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One has to admit this is an amazing development, and President Trump must be appreciated for his “art of the deal.”

However, I believe Kim Jong Un must be recognized for his ability to “hold out” until he received the respect of the United States.  President Trump offered early on to meet with him, and that is a first by any President of the US.


Back to the migrant crisis.  What has President Trump been able to accomplish with our warped immigration laws?

Senator Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said, “Since 2013, over 200,000 unaccompanied children from Central America have come into this country. We’re looking at 750,000 children and family units that have exploited our very loose immigration laws by and large in this country.”

He goes on to explain, the United States has gotten good at apprehending and getting people in court, but the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program has sent a strong signal to people “that if you get into America, you can stay, and they have stayed.”

“It creates a greater incentive for more unaccompanied children and more family units coming to this country because of the legal loopholes.”

Johnson speaks out, “Why isn’t Mexico helping us?” he said. “They’re part of the problem. They’re complicit in this wave of undocumented children from Central America.”

He admits, “But the United States does need to fix its own laws, and ask Mexico, through diplomatic channels, to enforce theirs.”

“We first need to get our own house in order,” Johnson said. “We need to expose what again too many members of Congress don’t realize all the loopholes and legal precedents laws that created this flow. Our primary objective should be to stop or reduce the flow and that’s working with Mexico and fixing our legal immigration system, our broken system.”

Johnson seems to be clear-minded, while most lawmakers are not, as they continually mishandle the laws under the US Constitution.  They are lackluster in their defense of the American people, and many have become literal enemies of the voters who chose them. Basically it is outright treason, and it should be recognized as such.


I am very impressed with the Secretary Nielsen of DHS.  She is backing President Trump, and this leads me to believe it is all about who is leading the United States.  The President either chooses to defend the Country, or he does not.

Kirstjen Nielsen

“Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on Wednesday warned Central American migrants traveling in a caravan that they will be prosecuted if they try to cross the U.S. border illegally.

The caravan is reportedly planning to cross the U.S. border this weekend after traveling for weeks through Mexico.

Nielsen said in a statement that the Department of Homeland Security is watching the caravan’s movements and stressed that they will not be exempted from U.S. laws.

“Let me be clear: we will enforce the immigration laws as set forth by Congress,” she said, according to The Hill.

Nielsen warned that any attempts to aid or assist individuals crossing the border will also be met with stiff consequences.

“If you enter our country illegally, you have broken the law and will be referred for prosecution,” she said. “If you make a false immigration claim, you have broken the law and will be referred for prosecution. If you assist or coach an individual in making a false immigration claim, you have broken the law and will be referred for prosecution.”

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Nielsen explained that asylum seekers should remain in the first country they entered after fleeing their home countries. Most of the migrants are escaping violence in Central America.

While Mexican authorities have broken up the caravan, it has continued north in smaller groups.

The DHS statement came as part of the caravan arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border near San Diego. The group — about 130 individuals, mostly women and children — is expected to attempt to cross into the U.S. on Sunday.”


President Donald Trump tweeted the following:


In addition the following has been posted on –

“Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling preventing the removal of certain aliens convicted of aggravated felonies that constitute “crimes of violence” highlights the danger posed by congressional inaction.  This case, first argued and briefed under the Obama Administration, gives Congress a clear opportunity to finally close dangerous loopholes: Congress should immediately pass a fix to close these loopholes so that the United States can promptly remove violent criminal aliens from our country.  Unless Congress acts, the United States Government will be unable to remove from our communities many non-citizens convicted of violent felonies, including in some cases domestic assault and battery, burglary, and child abuse. It is a matter of vital public safety for Congress to act now.”


In exploring the plight of the illegal immigrant, I see no clear solution in ending the horror of this endless march to madness.  It is not compatible to be both caregiver of these people and of the United States at the same time. First we have to realize without ending WAR itself, this situation will never change.

HATE is the result of war.  These refugees appear in the midst of bombings and regime change, and it is a natural result of WAR.  WAR must cease to exist, but we know it will continue until the end draws the swift wrath of God’s hand.

Human beings were not meant to live in the darkness of war, and every human being on this earth deserves shelter and a place to call home.  Every human being deserves to rest at night without being assaulted in their sleep. No one should have to live in tunnels underneath the remnants of a bombed home.  That is, in fact, what many are doing. Either they leave and migrate to another country, or they continue to live the nightmare of WAR. The only answer is for the world community to end the act of WAR.

HOWEVER, we know this will not occur until God forces it upon humanity.  For this we only have a short time to wait – but during that time we will live a hell on earth – unless a miracle happens.  Pray.



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