National Guard Issues Threat To Nancy Pelosi

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The U.S. National Guard is threatening to cancel their training and exercises if they are not reimbursed roughly $521 million.

National Guard Bureau Chief Gen. Daniel Hokanson said the Guard has been protecting the U.S. Capitol for more than five months following the Jan. 6 mayhem, and it’s gutted their finances and readiness.

The peak deployment in the nation’s capital required 26,000 service members and it was a hefty price tag.

The National Guard footed the bill upfront, but Hokanson said if they are not fully reimbursed, the Guard will be forced to cancel planned training and exercises in August and September.

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“It’s critical for us to get it this year because the funding will be required for us to complete not only our drills but all operations and training we have scheduled,” Hokanson told Pentagon reporters. “It will have a very significant impact on National Guard readiness.”

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