NAT'L Disaster "Leave LA Now! UNUSUAL INFECTIONS Reported around METHANE BLOWOUT" – Doctors Warn.

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TOXIC Fumes and Infectious Diseases for Humans and animals alike have been recorded by California Doctors who warn residents to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY –
“Leave LA Now! Very unusual infections being reported around
UNPRECEDENTED METHANE Blowout in L.A.” – Doctors warn it is a NATIONAL DISASTER! Humans and Animals with strange infections…
2) Dermatological infection Facial erysipelas – Thumbnail image – Wikimedia commons images – CDC…
3) Music – Youtube Audio Library
“Ambient Ambulance”…
Atomics International Nuclear Meltdown of 1959 – Possible Nuclear Meltdown Methane Gas Leak – LA’s best kept NUCLEAR SECRET !
– “L.A. SECRET NUCLEAR ’59 Meltdown 10mi from Methane Gas Blowout” – Whistleblowers 50+yrs later!
1) L.A.’s Secret Meltdown; Nuclear Cowboys – Dario Mellado…
3) Thumbnail image – SRE 1957 image Sodium Reactor Energy (Atomics International 1959 Nuclear Meltdown).
Gail Fowler of Atomics International displays an L.A. Times headline about the reactor’s production of electricity (November 1957)…
4) Music – Youtube Audio Library
“Ambient Ambulance”…

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4 thoughts on “NAT'L Disaster "Leave LA Now! UNUSUAL INFECTIONS Reported around METHANE BLOWOUT" – Doctors Warn.

  1. Criminal Governments and Criminal Corporations, together they can and are destroying the World. It is time we take action against this fishbowl of terror we call American Corporations and the US Government. If we don’t take immediate action, holler, scream, march, picket, tear something up, then, our kid’s are toast. Our kid’s. because we are already toast and it should be just us, because we have proven to be the worst bunch of slobbering, hand’s out, fat and ugly scumbags, ever born, onto this precious and beautiful -Earth. We know why this terror is happening and we know who they are who directly caused it, we know all about it as we check the mail box for that Government Check. We know and we aren’t going to do anything about it, because we are a bunch of strangers in our own land, cowards, on the dole, and, getting fatter. Actually this is most likely a Government tactic intending to close us away from more of America’s best land; like the Government caused droughts. California, is a farm land, made that way by the hard work of the American people; the old folks, long gone, and, having nothing to do with us, the present day, slime, that we are. A land grab and a starvation tactic, all rolled/trolled into one, and, what are we going to do about it? We are going to do the very same thing we did after we had watched three skyscrapers in New York fall into their own footprint, a proven demolition that could have only happened with the American Politicians approval; actually, like the murder of JFK and so many other such tactics of terrorism sponsored by the politicians in Washington DC and at the behest of the World Banker’s, chief among them the Rothschild’s — we are at war, with our own Government(s), and, the Rothschild’s led ultra Rich, who own and control THE Government, they bought and paid for — we have for ourselves only: Taxation without Representation. Yeah, and our taxes go to the Rothschild’s criminal gang too…that check in the mailbox, enjoy it while you can, in the near future the FED will cut it off, yeah, the FED, that’s where the checks come from, and, as we should know, the Rothschild’s Gang cannot get enough of our money, let alone spend ‘their’ money on us, when ‘they’ are through with us they will throw us out into the wild, to be slaughtered by the world of people made to hate us by the actions of the FED, and, the maneuvering of the US military by the Rothschild’s criminal gang. The end of our world really is close at hand, and, g-o-d-s, don’t have a thing to do with it, we, are our own destroyers. They, are the destroyers of worlds, we, just -kill our kids, and, ourselves. Fools….

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