Will Justice be Meted Out to Hillary Clinton?

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Update:  If Joseph DiGenova, a former federal prosecutor, is correct, we should soon hear from the FBI concerning the findings of their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server.

Investor’s Business Daily posted the following article yesterday: http://news.investors.com/blogs-capital-hill/010616-788442-hillary-email-scandal-can-clinton-run-government-from-prison-cell.htm

Unfortunately, we might only hear from the FBI if some FBI investigators leak the information to reporters or if some brave souls within the FBI decide to break ranks and come forward publically to divulge the evidence they unearthed during their months-long investigation.  This, of course, assumes that the U.S. Justice Department will do everything it can to stonewall, slow-walk, or cover-up any incriminating information that would jeopardize Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations. Since she is the most viable, if not the only realistic, Democratic candidate at this point, the pressure to suppress any damning evidence will be intense.

Below is an article written one month ago on this subject:

A rather remarkable statement was made recently by FBI Director James Comey concerning the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Senator Chuck Grassley asked Director Comey if it is a conflict of interest for Democratic appointees of the Obama Administration at the U.S. Department of Justice to render a decision concerning a fellow Democrat, Hillary Clinton, on whether or not she broke any laws by conducting State Department business on her private server.

Director Comey said, “No matter what the FBI finds, a political appointee of the Justice Department will ultimately make the decision of whether or not to prosecute.”

Comey didn’t say the Justice Department will make the decision. He said a political appointee of the Justice Department will make the decision.  Either Comey made a Freudian slip or he’s trying to send us a not-too-subtle message.

Unless anyone miss the import of what Comey said, it means, in all likelihood, that a political cover-up of the findings of the FBI probe into Clinton’s emails is probably underway and has been underway for some time. The FBI seized Clinton’s private several months ago.  Any information technology expert will tell you that it only takes a few days, if that, to recover deleted emails, assuming they are recoverable, which is the case most of the time. Further, it has been reported that the FBI gained access to a backup server that stored Clinton’s emails.  If so, the FBI could have accessed her emails directly, just like you can open emails on your computer.

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This means that the FBI has had plenty of time to review the contents of all her emails. They know exactly whether Clinton broke any laws regarding national security or whether she traded governmental favors for contributions to the Clinton Foundation or to her husband for speeches he made. The FBI also knows whether she has been telling the truth about the emails she says she erased because she said they were personal.  The FBI knows whom Clinton communicated with and can determine whether they too attempted to delete politically sensitive email correspondence with Clinton.

According to Comey, the FBI will punt (if it hasn’t done so already) its findings over to Obama-appointees at the Justice Department, who will decide whether to prosecute Hillary Clinton criminally.  The odds of Clinton being indicted by political appointees of the Obama Administration are slim to none.

It is almost inconceivable that the only viable Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, will be indicted under any circumstances.  And it will not matter how damning her emails are.

Therefore, we probably have a full blown cover-up in process.  As the FBI stands down, the political appointees at the Justice Department take over.  How convenient.  At best, they will slow-walk the Clinton matter until the presidential election in 2016 is over.  After all, they wouldn’t have their jobs at the Justice Department, if they weren’t party loyalists.  And party loyalists don’t indict their own kind.  It would be unconscionable to say the least.  Further, those same political appointees, who want to maintain their jobs under a potential Clinton Administration, aren’t about to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.  So, it is extremely likely, if not a certitude, that Clinton will skate into the highest office in the land unburdened by legal ramifications stemming from the email scandal, if she is elected.

But what is alright for political appointees is not alright for Americans who expect there to be equal justice under the law.  That isn’t a platitude that people take lightly.  They expect everyone to be treated the same way in the eyes of the law.  As the presidential campaign heats up, expect greater public demand that the findings of the FBI investigation be disclosed to the public and that Clinton be brought to justice.

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Right now, the odds favor Clinton.  Unfortunately, if left to career politicians of the same party, the only way her emails will see the light of day is if they are leaked.  Or if there is a whistleblower at the FBI or Justice Department.  Or if a third party hacked into Clinton server and is waiting for the opportune time to expose them to the public.  Or worse, the hackers hope she gets elected and then use the information as leverage against a compromised president.

For all these reasons, the results of the FBI probe into Clinton’s email should be made public.  The fact that Clinton opted to use a private server to conduct government business is problematic enough.  If there is hard evidence that supports a federal prosecution of Clinton, obviously that decision should be made by individuals who are not political appointees of the same party.  To do otherwise would represent a blatant conflict of interest that doesn’t pass the smell test. The congress and the president, both sworn to uphold the law, know that this is self-evident.

There is good reason why Americans favor non-politicians in Republican presidential polls and the Clinton email scandal is an excellent case in point of their disaffection with politicians.  They are sick and tired of bullshit politicians.  Americans expect to be treated equally by law enforcement officials, whether they be cops on the street or appointed government officials in the U.S. Justice Department.

Anything less than full disclosure of the FBI’s findings in its Clinton email probe is a slap in the face to Americans.  The vast majority of us do not have powerful political connections and would not be given special treatment if we were investigated by the feds for similar alleged wrongdoings.

So, the FBI and the Justice Department can do this the right way or they can do it the hard way.  They can suppress the evidence they found concerning Clinton’s emails or they can wait for the general public to force the issue.  Right now, the politicians are making the call. That won’t last much longer.

The cover-up is always greater than the crime.

–        LV


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