NATO is Now Doing Drills in Kosovo

by Chris Black

Here we go again.

After failing to defeat Russia in the Ukraine, it looks like the Globo Homo empire  is now trying to start a new war in the heart of Europe:

FYI, NATO bombed Serbia in the 1990s for the explicit purpose of backing Albanian Islamic jihadists who were stealing a part of Serbia – that would be Kosovo for my zoomer readers. Kosovo is run by gangsters who have been managing the CIA ratlines for trafficking in sex slaves, drugs, weapons, and human organs for a quarter century now.

So their position was the exact opposite then of what it is now, and they have not apologized or said that Kosovo must be Serbia, because borders are sacred.

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This is called “the Kosovo Precedent” and is constantly cited by Russia as an explanation for the legality of parts of the Ukraine joining Russia.

All around, it makes perfect sense for NATO to start something in Serbia, as they’ve already been doing for months now, encouraging the Albanians to lash out.


NATO’s mission in Kosovo announced on Sunday that it will hold “tactical” military exercises in the coming days. The announcement came amid tensions between Kosovo’s Western-backed government and the province’s Serbian minority.


Kosovo Force (KFOR) “will conduct a regular military exercise near its base in Novo Selo,” the mission announced via its Twitter account. “The exercise aims to train KFOR units to guarantee freedom of movement in a crisis response situation & it will consist [of] a series of tactical simulations & logistic activities.”



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