NatSec Source: Coronavirus SET TO EXPLODE IN MEXICO; Trump Warned: “Could topple AMLO’s Govt, lead to widespread cartel-violence”

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Mexico is about to have a “No-Shit-Sherlock Moment” and my sources says, “Cartels are licking their chops for mass violence, robbing banks, arms depots, chemical storage facilities, etc.”

….”Mexico, with a population of 130 million, has only 356 ICU units, fewer than 50,000 hospital beds, fewer than 2,500 ICU beds, and just 5,523 ventilators. That’s for the entire country. (For context, New York City alone has about 6,000 ventilators and more than 2,000 ICU beds.”


Mexico’s crazy socialist president, ex-Mayor AMLO, seems to be in total denial of his nation’s vulnerability




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