Navy SEAL Member of Congress Drops Bombshell About Iranian Capture of US Sailors

It appears I am not the only person who thinks the “fiction being peddled” by the Obama administration about our sailors who were detained in Iran sounds like total nonsense. Current Congressman and former Navy Seal, Rep. Ryan Zinke, doesn’t seem to think the story adds up to a hill of beans either. What’s curious is why it takes a former Navy Seal to notice the story being given makes absolutely no sense before anyone pays attention to it??? 
My post from last Thursday titled, What the Father of Lies (Obama) is Hiding About ISIS From You Now is included again at the bottom, for those that missed it because it wasn’t a Navy Seal who was making the painfully obvious observation at the time. 
Question: At what point do Americans start to question nonsensical narratives doled out by a government that hasn’t told the truth since bell bottoms were in style?
Conservative Tribune Reports:
Under President Barack Obama’s regime, no one should be surprised when questions arise regarding the legitimacy of Iran’s capture of U.S. sailors.
According to the Washington Examiner, Rep. Ryan Zinke, who wrapped up a 23-year naval career in 2008 before being elected to Congress, has recently voiced some of his personal suspicions about the sailors’ detainment.
“It doesn’t add up to me that somehow two boats are stranded within the territory of Iran waters,” Rep. Zinke said on Tuesday. “There’s a lot of questions out there that we have and I think Congress and the American people should know the answers.”
Secretary of State John Kerry and other U.S. officials noted that the combination of navigational errors and engine troubles lead to the sailors drifting into Iranian waters.
Rep. Zinke states that they only would have been stranded if the sailors were unable to execute “basic seamanship” or if Iran demonstrated aggression toward them.
“It seems to me that a number of very straightforward planning considerations either weren’t planned, or the plan wasn’t followed,” he said.
Rep. Zinke argued that mechanical problems couldn’t explain the situation, as such boats travel in pairs and one vessel could easily get the other out of harm’s way.
“I think America needs to know the truth about whether or not the situation was from a lack of training or something more,” he said. “Where did the Iranians intercept them? Did they intercept them with a superior force? Were they actually in Iranian territorial waters or were they in international waters?”
The American people demand answers to those questions — but don’t get your hopes up. The American people have demanded a lot of things from this administration that it has never given them.

The American people can be called a lot of names, names like “uninformed,” “clueless,” “gullible,” or even “willfully ignorant,” but one name they cannot be referred to by anyone as is: “sissies.” The American people have shown themselves to have a tolerance for pain second to none in the world. 
Evidence of Americans’ high pain threshold can be demonstrated when you consider how many times Barack Obama has looked directly into the camera, told pathological lie after pathological lie, and with full knowledge that those very lies put their own families in danger, Americans continue to grin and bear it. Why not just salute him and say, “Thank you sir, may I have another,” like Kevin Bacon’s character famously did in National Lampoon’s Animal House?

Thank You Sir May I Have Another
In all fairness to the pledges in Animal House, they probably followed more laws and rules than Obama does, so no disrespect intended to them of course. 
New York Times Bestselling Author of Cold War III, William Craig Reed, recently said the story the Obama administration gave the American people regarding the capture of U.S. Navy  sailors by Iran didn’t even come close to passing the laugh test, but once again Obama will walk away from being caught red handed in a series of pathological lies without a scratch. 
The story that one of the boats broke down, lost all power, and “wandered into” Iranian waters is what Obama would call, “peddling fiction.” The U.S.Navy does use two different navigational platforms that both operate on GPS, and Iran has shown the ability to be able to compromise those systems in the past (recall the U.S. drone they took control of and safely landed), however even if that did occur, Special Warfare Combat Crafts don’t just “lose power” to all systems. The boat could have easily called for air backup or assistance if it was having problems to prevent “wandering into” Iranian waters. That option was not available to them however, because what Obama fails to mention is that air support could not deploy out of fear of being blasted out of the sky.
The story on the leaked Russian intelligence report below laughs at how the Obama administration managed to make the Iranian missile landing 1500 yards from our U.S. aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman, and the capture of the sailors sound like separate incidents, because they were both part of the SAME SINGLE event, a highly coordinated rescue mission by Iran that was successfully executed against the United States Navy. 
The fact that there are ANY Americans who continue to buy the bologna Obama keeps selling is utterly embarrassing. As you can learn for yourself below, a recently leaked Russian intelligence report said the Obama administration’s explanation of the event was, “absolutely comical.” Make no mistake, I mean no disrespect to the men and women of the U.S. Navy. Given the rules of engagement this president has forced our military to operate within, all the men and women of our military have my utmost support, and I wish each of them continued safety and well being until the imposter is out of the White House. 
In the video below, MSBNC and former Defense Secretary Robert Gates joke about how Obama always thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room. Secretary Gates even recalls a time when Obama had the gall to tell everyone in the room, “I can do every one of your jobs better than you can.”

Obama Thinks He’s The Smartest Guy in the Room
For years alleged conservatives have whined and complained by littering every form of social media with posts about Obama declaring, “Impeach him,” or “Arrest him,” while having absolutely no clue how our constitutional system works, and why those comments were so asinine. Earlier this month, after seven years of complaining, the RNC took up a vote on whether to file Articles of Impeach Obama against Obama citing 48 separate counts of misconduct and treason, and Americans were silent and did nothing. 
Like I said, call the average American many names, but don’t don’t dare say they don’t have a high tolerance for pain. 94 MILLION are out of work, and presumably don’t have much else to do, but when faced with making non-stop calls to their representatives demanding the articles be voted on in the House, they’d rather post pictures on Facebook about Impeaching Obama, and endure more lies, and more pain.
Treason reports:
A leaked Ministry of Defense report reveals that the Obama administration is “completely destroyed” after their top-secret mission in transporting a top ISIS leader was uncovered and thwarted by Iran.
Following the Iranian capture of two U.S. Navy Riverine Command Boats last week, intelligence officials in Tehran discovered a plot to transport a “top level” ISIS commander into Syria from Saudi Arabia in order to replace the toppled terrorist leader Zahran Alloush.
Once this Islamic State terror leader was in route to Kuwait aboard one of the US Navy’s RCB’s, this report continues, an “overwhelming” force of Iranian Sep?h naval troops captured both this terrorist, the US Navy boats (including the American sailors aboard them) transporting him and nearly ignited an all out war when Iranian forces were forced to fire “warning missiles” against the US Navy’s aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman attempting to intervene.
Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy overseeing this operation, this report notes, stated about this operation to capture this terror leader that the aircraft carrier USS Truman displayed “unprofessional moves” thus causing him to put Iranian naval forces on high alert and warning: “We prepared our coast-to-sea missiles, missile-launching speedboats and our numerous capabilities, to strike if they made a hostile move”.
Upon the US Navy “backing down”, this report says, the captured Islamic State terror leader and the American sailors accompanying him were brought to Farsi Island whereupon Admiral Fadavi immediately contacted Deputy Foreign Minister for European and American Affairs Majid Takht Ravanchi.
The importance of Admiral Fadavi contacting Minister Ravanchi, this report explains, was due to his, Ravanchi’s, months long ongoing secret negotiations with Obama regime representative Wendy Sherman—who, shockingly, the Obama regime put in charge of these negotiations as her prior experience in international diplomacy was her being a social worker and the former director of State of Maryland’s office of child welfare.
Once Wendy Sherman was advised by Minister Ravanchi of Sep?h’s capture of this Islamic State terror leader and American sailors, this report continues, the Obama regime immediately “caved/relented” to all of Iran’s demands relating to “prisoner/detainee” swaps thus securing for the Iranians everything they had asked for, including the immediate releaseof seven Iranian nationals languishing in US jails and an agreement that the US would no longer pursue extradition of 14 Iranians for their alleged involvement in purchasing arms from the US to Iran.
Iran on its side, this report says, agreed to release the four dual nationality Iranian-American prisoners it held—the two most important being Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) spies Nosratollah Khosravi  Matt Trevithick—the most important of them being Khosravi whom the Obama regime requested of Iran, and was granted, that his release be treated separately from the other three.
As an added “bonus/incentive” for Iran keeping “confidential/secret” the US Navy’s transporting of this Islamic State terror leader, this report further notes, President Barack Obama, also, lifted the American’s decades-old ban on selling aircraft and repair parts to Iran’s aviation on Friday (15 January) a full day ahead of the United Nations lifting of sanctions under the  Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)—and which Iran put into immediate effect by ordering billions-of-dollars worth of European Union made Airbus aircraft instead of US made ones.
To how the American mainstream propaganda media has covered up this entire sordid affair including changing its date from 29 December to 12 January proving, once again, the Obama regimes direct complicity in directing the Islamic State terrorists in Syrian and Iraq, this report concludes, borders on the “absolute comical” as the many versions of what exactly they keep saying  happened has kept changing by the hour/day/week  (US Navy boats broke down/US Navy boats had navigational errors) and they have “deliberately decoupled” the capture of these US Navy boats with the firing upon the USS Harry Truman aircraft carrier by Iranian naval forces—but which Admiral Fadavi bluntly stated:  “The incident [Iran firing missiles against the USS Harry Truman] occurred during Iran’s seizure Tuesday [29 December] of two US naval boats.”
Treason 10

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17 thoughts on “Navy SEAL Member of Congress Drops Bombshell About Iranian Capture of US Sailors”

  1. 1. This article shows how impotent and afraid of Obama they really are. This ex-Navy SEAL is tippy-toeing around the issue in typical political-candyass fashion, rather than coming right out and saying the man is a liar, a fraud, and a traitor.
    He’s 100% GUILTY OF TREASON – why hasn’t this SEAL made a move to have him arrested? But WE’RE supposed to “call our Representative, non-stop”?!
    Do you have ANY IDEA at how ‘they’ laugh at this? The SAME representatives who are just as treasonous and complicit, and ALSO want an invasion of Iran, invading Syria, backing ISIS, and bad-mouthing Putin so we can get something going there!?
    Obama’s ‘plan’ here was to get Iran to ‘make a move’ so they could sell this “hill of beans” to the American sheep, so they could get their LONG DESIRED WAR with Iran. Bush and Cheney were working on this in ’07 or so!
    But that’s not patently obvious, now is it? 2 boats break down and lose ALL communications, and ‘drift’ into Iranian waters, but it “raises questions”?
    And it SHOWS just how ready and willing the military is to comply with ILLEGAL ORDERS. All this ‘honor’ and ‘oath’ crap is the ONLY THING that ‘doesn’t add up to a hill of beans’.
    2. 96 million out of work, BUT THEY’RE NOT GONNA SAY A FUCKING THING TO ENDANGER THEIR HANDOUTS. Even if they HATE this clown. The gravy-train, tax free, beats working.
    3.LONG after the next False Flag and another 2 or 20 million are dead, “brave politicians” will ask ‘strong questions’ – but no one saw this allllllllllllllllllllll coming, now did they?
    Just like “no one could imagine anyone flying those planes into buildings!”
    I guess ONLY the people who wrote the Training Manuals and drew the illustrations on the cover, with an aircraft and a target’s crosshairs on the Twin Tower’s could, for christsfuckingsake! (Even though I’m pretty sure part of the ‘planes’ were missiles, especially the vid of an apparent launch from Cheney’s ‘Woolworth Building’).
    So if anyone hasn’t figured it out?
    They’re ALL in on it.
    They’re ALL afraid to ‘go against it’.
    They ALL profit from it.
    The military is HAPPY to go along, as they damned well know that Washington is just a den of absolute treason, and we’re illegally invading sovereign nations with transparent lies.

    • The planes were not missiles….they were strategically placed explosives… there was no plane that hit the pentagon….just explosives already there…..

  2. Americans are fools to believe their president because he lies every time he speaks on any issue.
    He is a spineless puppet of PAC leaders and Wall Street & Rothschild bankers.
    His sole objective is to retire unscathed to a do-nothing job to get a payday.
    He has disgraced the office of the presidency to avoid being murdered in office before he ends his term.
    He’s showed himself to be dishonest, dishonorable and morally corrupt which puts him right up there with Bush Jr. who oversaw the murders of 9/11 and JFK, Jr,
    One has to go back to Ronald Reagan and JImmy Carter to find a half way decent presidents & even they were front men for GOP treacherous criminality in their violations of the Constitution.
    But Americans are just too stupid, passive and apathetic to care or take appropriate action.
    They will soon have to rise in revolt or require martial law before they act to effectuate change in the U.S.

    • Bush Sr. would have been President if Hinkley knew how to aim a weapon. Jimmy Carter was driven out of Washington AC-DC because he would not cave to the PTB. He recieves nothing but bad press and has been cast as a fringe element member by the Mainstream Mlodrama.
      Raygun read scripted 3X5 cards and it is my belief that even his off the cuff remarks were scripted. One of the greatest actors of all time.

    • I beg your pardon but it seems that good ol boy jimmy carter did a lot of BAD during his reign as president. He had a lot of aliens from the middle east come to this country for 7 years and pay no taxes and were given businesses, etc to run. Swell. While Americans were struggling to live he was handing out all sorts of goodies to those poor middle easterners so after 7 years of milking the USA they could go back home RICH. Some deal,huh? I had one raggie baggie own a gas station near me. One morning the convenience store was burning. Odd but when the fire department showed up here was Mr. Baggie loading all sorts of stuff into his car from the store….. yes, he set the fire himself but was never charged with arson. Some deal, huh? Please stop seeing the great and wonderful (?) Jimmy Carter as great. He was a complete failure as a president….sorry.

  3. People are afraid of Obama and hope to survive until the elections and hope he goes willingly. We aren’t stupid. I don’t have Facebook. I’m scared of the asshole.

  4. Persitance is about mental abilitys, and litle culture.
    Like the ongoing Yemenit war, witch right now is an “winter” war in Yemenit standards I gess, when Summer comes, Yemen turns into the very defenition of hott as hell, with all respect, and is an rocky nightmare of the ultimeate sort.
    If there is an militia that deservs respect, its the Hutis, and their warfare is exemplaric, and every single one of them is an hero.
    Match them boy, and Il lift my hatt.
    I think the boat crue was ordinary sailors, probably fooled to think this was an ordinary tripp, an day of in the Gulf, why not, and did realise the implications of it before they where Stopped by the Iranian national guards.
    And then they realised how close they where to die, and the false flag their masters wanted when into the drain, thereby the pre attac movers by the Ussa Naval forces, and I gess thats what the Iranians crystal clearly tould the Yankikes to stop or risk an all out attac, and the Iranians have the means to do it, thats why they stopped.
    No, this was again, an impecable, move from the Iranians, no amaturish hottheads here boy, never underestemate the Persians.
    Hehe, I give all the credits for this to be an embarising moment, than an fullblown war, to the Iranians, and THAT to the Iranian Boys/Girls on duty that day.

  5. Oh yes, but if people begin questioning US support for ISIS, they will no doubt go the next step and examine US support for Al Qaeda and the Afghan mujahedeen and then there are the Yugoslavian Al Qaeda: the KLA and Bosnian “Arabs”. If this leads to Obama, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Albright, Clinton and Bush jr being dragged off in chains, so be it.

  6. “It doesn’t add up to me that somehow two boats are stranded within the territory of Iran waters”
    I don’t understand how two Navy Riverine command boats became stranded in the first place. According to Wikipedia they each have two engines using water jet propulsion.


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