Navy SEAL Robert J. O’Neill: “This country is so corrupt that I’m insulted that I killed for it.”

Sen. Menendez Has Spent $300k at Morton’s Steakhouse – His PAC Picked Up the Tab

He’s rais­ing the steaks on polit­i­cal donations.

New Jer­sey Sen. Bob Menen­dez has dropped just over $298,000 at Morton’s Steak­house since 2003, aver­ag­ing more than $16,000 a year on bovine indul­gences, a review of FEC records by The Post shows.

The Demo­c­rat charged the bills to donors of his Sen­ate cam­paign com­mit­tee and his New Mil­len­ni­um Lead­er­ship PAC. The largest sin­gle check — a $12,957.69 whop­per — came in Feb­ru­ary 2020.

“He is one of our reg­u­lars,” a steak­house staffer con­firmed to The Post.

The Chica­go steak chain was found­ed in 1978 and cur­rent­ly has 72 loca­tions around the Unit­ed State. Today it’s a sub­sidiary of …

Tucker: Crime is Rising While Congress Hides Behind Fences

On Thursday night, Tucker Carlson was on his program on Fox News and he mentioned that crime, and especially violent crime, is sharply rising throughout the US, and asked why Congress and the media have nothing to even say about it.

Dem Rep. Malinowski Didn’t Disclose at Least $671k in Stock Trades

Senator Tom Cotton leads Republicans slamming Dems for ‘ramming’ $1.9trillion COVID relief bill through Congress and says prisoners like the Boston Bomber and Dylann Roof will be among those getting $1,400 stimulus checks

Senate rejects Cruz effort to block stimulus checks for undocumented immigrants





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