Nearly 7 Million Households Could Face Eviction Without Financial Assistance

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As many as 6.7 million rent-burdened households could face eviction once enhanced federal unemployment insurance expires at the end of July and eviction bans across the country lift, according to a new analysis from UrbanFootprint, a tech company that makes urban planning software.

“This level of displacement would be unparalleled in U.S. history and carries the potential to destabilize communities for years to come,” UrbanFootprint’s report reads.

The analysis used unemployment claims and the cost of housing, among other factors, to map out which states are most at risk of an eviction crisis. California, New York, Florida, Georgia and Texas top the list.

Without a swift recovery of the U.S. economy, additional federal aid is required to keep people at risk of eviction, who are disproportionately women and people of color, in their homes, according to the authors of the report and many other housing experts.

“The path back to pre-Covid economic activity and employment levels is unpredictable at best,” reads the report. “This leaves the fate of many renters and communities in the balance.”

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