Nearly HALF of All U.S. Workers Are LOW WAGE With $18,000 Salary! Best Economy Ever?

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If you want to be spoon-fed lies, this isn’t the channel for you. This is the reality of the situation we are in right now. The problem continues to get worse and worse and nobody is able to fix it because the root cause can never and will never be addressed. Everything that happens today is simply just fluff. The important factors need to be dug up. What we are seeing in this video is just a PIECE of the puzzle but I believe it’s truly important. What do you think?

You know you have a problem where nearly half of US workers earn a wage that’s not possible to survive on. It’s crazy to think that the numbers are so manipulated that they can hide such an economic disaster. As long as they never admit it, people will believe everything is just fine. Just like 1 year after the last recession began, they finally acknowledged it. It’s honestly an embarrassment, not for those putting out this garbage, it’s for those who actually believe it. We are heading into 2020, more information than you can handle, and the public still doesn’t even know the absolute basics of what’s happening around them. I guess they’re too busy binge watching Netflix.


Realism about reskilling

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