Neither party has launched investigations into Epstein/Maxwell.

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by FringeCenterPodcast

They have gone through hearings on GameStop and Reddit.

They have impeached the former president twice.

They argued about minimum wage and relatively tiny stimulus payments.

And countless other debates.

Not once in the last two years have either party made it a part of their platform to fight human trafficking in any meaningful way.

The Republicans claim to be the party of family values. Yet we have children being kidnapped, trafficked, and abused.

The Democrats claim to be the party that cares about protecting the vulnerable. Yet the most vulnerable members of society, children, are being systematically violated.

This is why I say there is no real two party system.

On an issue that should be non partisan and universally taken on, there is no action.

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Stop and think for a second. With all the issues going on, not one of them could be more important.

Children were being taken to a private island and the most powerful people on Earth went there.

There’s no way to know who did what.

But what we do know is that a former president of the US (Bill Clinton), the richest man in the world at the time (Bill Gates), and one of the most famous scientists (Stephen Hawking), all went there

And somehow nobody stopped and said “let’s form a bipartisan committee and investigate this”?

I think we all have different opinions of why they didn’t, and who could be involved.

No matter the reason, they did nothing.

So I’ll leave you with this piece of advice.

They have the power to bring attention to the issue, became aware of it, and did nothing

Truly awful humans, that don’t represent most of us


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