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by mememonkey

NPR is always a friendly venue for the Neo Con’s to get the word out and no this is not a recent development.

I’m amazed (not really) with the ease and fluidity by which they are able to frame their war crimes and promote their war agendas (for what used to be) the antiwar left by interleaving them with social justice issues and erudite human interest content.  Wrapping the most vile people and policies  in a cloak of highfalutin respectability.

NPR wrote:…

We’re joined now in the studio by Paul Wolfowitz. He was deputy secretary of defense under George W. Bush, and he is currently a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. Welcome, sir, the program.

PAUL WOLFOWITZ: Good morning, nice to be here.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: You wrote an op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal calling on President Trump to back up his tough talk on Syria with action. How satisfied are you with the U.S. airstrikes he ordered?

WOLFOWITZ: I think it was impressive, some people might say surprisingly impressive. But it was – for a brand-new administration, it was – to put it all together that quickly and to do it that well, I think, is something to be very pleased as an American. It was limited and proportional, but nevertheless, it was strong and sent a very, very strong message. They did it without U.S. ground troops and with no U.S. military casualties, which is very important. But I think what also may be the most important thing in all of this is that when the U.S. acts decisively, it changes the way everybody thinks. Our enemies suddenly become more cautious or even think about how to cooperate. Our friends become stronger and more willing to support us. I think we saw that many years ago when George H.W. Bush declared that the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait would not stand. That sent a message to the whole Middle East that here was a president of the United States who was going to stand up and get something done.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: So you think this sends a message. But what should happen next, if anything, in your view?

WOLFOWITZ: Well, I’m sure they have many ideas. I don’t think they need a lot of speculation from me. But what I would say is this, that because of the change in attitudes, which is really very striking, we have, not surprisingly, our European allies stepping up and praising us; our Asian allies, also. Even in Iraq, you have senior political leaders calling for Assad to resign. I think the Russians have started to back away from that ridiculous claim that they were supporting of the Syrians, that this was a rebel poison factory that was attacked.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: So should Bashar al-Assad be removed from office, though? I mean, should this go further?

WOLFOWITZ: Look, we’re in early stages. I think what we have are opportunities, opportunities particularly on the diplomatic front. People will do things now that they weren’t ready to support before. And I think the goal should be something that ends this humanitarian disaster that is Syria that stems the refugee flow and that…

GARCIA-NAVARRO: But what exactly, more military action or diplomacy?

I don’t think NPR has ever met a Neocon they didn’t like, granted an interview to, or given an unchallenged forum for.  They seem particularly happy to provide a ‘Safe Space’ for historical revisionism with regards to our Mideast Wars.

Max Boot, Michael Ledeen, Richard ‘The Prince of Darkness’ Perl, Beltway killer power couple  Robert Kagan and  Victoria Nuland, Douglas “The Moron” Feith, Stephen”Yellow Cake” Hadley etc. etc They’re all on NPR.

Its always a softball love fest on NPR for the Neo Con agenda.  whether it’s Victoria “F the EU” Nuland presented by NPR as  an experienced and distinguished diplomat, praising the replacement of Rex Tillerson with Ultra NeoCon Pompeo,  with nary a mention of her handing out cookies to Nazi’s and snipers at Maiden as she fomented our illegal coup in Ukraine..…

..or her husband Robert Kagan shilling for the intervention du jour. NPR always manages to legitimize and normalize their epic crimes against humanity and advance the neocon agenda for the Neo Lib audience.

The Anti Putin Anti Russian agenda is a Neo Con agenda. That is why any story that promotes Russia as anti democratic, backwards aggressive, evil  or weak is given a home and legitimized  at NPR.  The recent tragedy at the Russian shopping mall fits that narrative as does the BS Skripal false flag.

Neocons are particularly effective on NPR when they they can integrate their agenda directly with a hot button SJW issue. so it’s a slam dunk for example to vilify Putin on Gay rights in Russia.

Here’s Max(Attack Iran )Boot coming to terms with his own ‘White Privilege’

NPR wrote:


Our next guest is considering U.S. politics and American life through a new lens. The other day, Max Boot wrote this.

MAX BOOT: (Reading) In college – this was in the late-1980s and early 1990s at the University of California, Berkeley – I used to be one of those smart aleck young conservatives who would scoff at the notion of white male privilege and claim that anyone propagating such concepts was guilty of political correctness.

SIEGEL: Boot says 2017 changed him. In a piece published in Foreign Policy, he says it was the year he learned about his white privilege and that it was the Trump era that opened his eyes. Max Boot, welcome to the program. Thanks for reading that, too.

BOOT: Thanks for having me on.

SIEGEL: You begin your article explaining your background. You were a Jewish refugee from the Soviet Union. You saw America as a land of opportunity, not a bastion of racism or sexism. That was your view, you say, for a quarter century. Is there a moment you can pinpoint when you started thinking a little differently?

BOOT: Well, quite frankly, Donald Trump’s victory in November of 2016 really shook a lot of my assumptions about America because I just never imagined that somebody like Donald Trump could be elected president of this great country. And that to me was unthinkable, and it made me realize that there were some deep undercurrents that I was not familiar with or was perhaps choosing to ignore.

And I think it was the confluence of Donald Trump’s election with some other trends, including all of the sexual harassment and assault scandals that have surfaced recently and also of course all the videotapes of police brutality against African-Americans. All that together I think has really shaken this very Pollyannaish view I think I had of the United States.

Call me a cynic, but  I suspect Boot’s new found sensitivity doesn’t extend to giving up the white male privilege of bombing the shit out of brown people in the Mideast and North Africa.

Perhaps that’s something for NPR listeners worth pondering, while snacking on wine and cheese or fretting about Trump’s latest outrageous triggering tweet.




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