Neoliberal Globalism, Corporatism, Monopolies and Wealth Transfer from the many to the few

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by Ian Shilling

Neoliberalism is Corporatism.

Neoliberal Globalism is Corporatism on a Global Scale.

Corporatism is the Merger of Corporate and State Power, and the transfer of all wealth and power upwards towards the Corporate Oligarch elites.

It is a system of total corruption, whereby power and wealth is used to buy corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to further transfer power and wealth upwards towards the Corporate elites.

Corporatism is also about reducing competition by creating Monopolistic Systems where a handful (often around 6) of large Corporations control 80% or more of a given market, which then have the power to buy the politicians to determine the regulations that apply, or are to be removed, from their specific industry.

See the top 5 or 6 Big Banks in America, or the largest 5 or 6 Big Banks in the UK.

Or the 5 or 6 largest drugs companies in the world.

Or the 5 or 6 largest media conglomerates that control over 80% of American Mass Media.

N.B. Neoliberal Globalist Bill Clinton passed the 1996 Telecoms Act to allow this monopoly system of media control in the US.

Or the 6 largest media conglomerates that control over 80% of UK Media.

New Report: Who Owns and Controls the UK Media in 2019?

Click on the PDF in the above link and look at the charts

The largest circulation UK papers are owned by Oligarchs – Rupert Murdoch (The Sun, The Times Sky News etc.), The Barclay Brothers (The Telegraph), Viscount Rothermere (Jonathan Harmsworth, Daily Mail), Richard Desmond (The Express). The Guardian is owned by Apax which has a board consisting of current or former execs for large banks and multinationals.

Or the 5 or 6 largest American Hotel chains.

Or the 5 or 6 largest Western Oil companies.
Or Western oil companies operating in Iraq:

Or the largest 3 (or 5 or 6)  American car companies.
Or the top 6 car companies with the largest sales in the EU (VW/Audi, General Motors/Peugeot/Citroen, Renault, BMW, Fiat, Ford)

Or the top 3 GMO Corporations – Bayer/Monsanto, Dow Chemicals and Syngenta

Or the top 5 or 6 American arms makers. BAE systems is the only large arms company in the UK. If we take the EU there are 4 or 5.

The large weapons makers spend many millions of dollars every year bribing politicians to start, exacerbate or prolong more conflicts and wars, so they can sell more weapons.

Etc. Etc.

We also have total monopoly positions in the Central Banking system.

The privately owned Federal Reserve controls the Money Supply, interest rates and regulation in the US for the benefit of the Big Banks across the entire USA. Instead of each of the 50 states having their own State Owned Central Bank controlling their own interest rates, money supply and lending (and competing with the other 49 States as to which has the best policies).

10 things every American should know about the privately owned Federal Reserve

The privately controlled Bank of England which does the same thing in the UK. The Bank of England is NOT controlled by the UK government, the controlling voting shares are held in a private company (Bank of England Nominees).

The largest shareholders in both the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England are the Rothschild family.
The Rothschilds are rarely mentioned in the media and it is certainly never mentioned just how wealthy and powerful they are, controlling the financial system and buying politicians across the world.

And now we have the monopoly position of the ECB in the Eurozone to control the Money Supply in Europe, again for the benefit of the Big Banks – Goldman Sachs, Deutschebank etc.

The purpose of setting up the Euro and the ECB was to set up a more monopolistic system to enhance the bankers control over Europe and to greatly encourage more debt by artificially lowering interest rates in the Eurozone periphery.
Government debt, Corporate debt and personal debt.
It was a great success, consigning large parts of Europe and the vast majority of Europeans into debt bondage to the big banks.

When a country rebels against Neoliberalism, Corporate Control, Debt Bondage or “Austerity” it is subjected to Economic Warfare and Financial Terrorism.

See Greece in 2015, whose new government attempted to rebel against “Austerity”, but was then subjected to massive Financial Terrorism by the newly created ECB into total submission and slavery.
Greece still hasn’t recovered and is still suffering from massive unemployment and poverty due to the conditions imposed by the EU and the ECB.

Or Venezuela now, which started to sell oil in something other than dollars in 2017.

All of the privately owned financial system operates under the control of the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) in Switzerland which controls world wide financial regulation.
Only a handful of countries currently have a government owned, non BIS controlled Central Bank. These are Syria, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Iceland.
Before 2001 this list also included Iraq and Libya but did not include Iceland.
Venezuela started rebelling against this system in 2017.

See also  Nancy Pelosi has seen her wealth increase to nearly $115 million from $41 million in 2004...

N.B. People often mistakenly also include Russia, China and even Hungary on this list of independent Central Banks.
But this is not true.

Russia has a privately owned Central Bank (the Russian Central Bank was privatized under Yeltsin). Putin did kick out the big private American “Investment” Banks from operating in Russia, such as Goldman Sachs and Merryl Lynch in the early 2000’s, but this is not the same thing. JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs have actually been increasing their investments in Russia recently, despite the sanctions.

China has a government owned Central Bank but it operates under the control of the BIS and World Bank under WTO rules. (China also kicked out the big Western Banks in the early 2000’s after previously allowing them in to study their methods.)

Hungary merely had a dispute with Goldman Sachs and severely limited its (and other American banks) operations in Hungary.

Russia and China started rebelling against the Petrodollar system and the US Monopoly Control of the Financial System in 2011.
Hence Economic Warfare and Financial Terrorism, aka “Sanctions”, (and actual war against its interests in Syria and Ukraine) were started to be applied against Russia from soon after this date.

Russia and China are now building their own alternative financial systems to replace the US Dollar controlled ones. An alternative to the Swift Payment system, their own independent credit cards, and their own version of the World Bank – the AAIB which is being used to fund China’s “New Silk Road” trillion dollar economic and infrastructure development programs across Asia and into Europe (Italy has just joined).

The Petrodollar System and the Petrodollar Wars Explained

More on Neoliberal Globalism, Geopolitics, and the War against Russia and China

The Lobbying efforts by the Neoliberal Corporatists are often about introducing MORE regulations to introduce Barriers to Entry or other disadvantages to prevent smaller, more nimble and more efficient smaller competitors, from gaining a significant share of the market.

So we have massive regulations and huge costs if you want to set up a new bank.

We have regulatory capture of the American FDA by the large food and drug companies.

Regulatory capture of NICE (which controls which drugs are approved to be used by the NHS in the UK) by the large drug companies bribing NICE officials.

Regulatory capture by the Big Banks of the American SEC and the UK’s FSA which are supposed to regulate financial services.

Huge tax breaks for massive multinationals like Amazon and Starbucks but not for small local retailers or coffee shops.
Amazon and Starbucks pay near zero Corporate taxes.

Regulatory capture of the FCC in the US. Etc. etc.

I challenge you to name me a large government agency that is supposed to regulate a large industry, which has not been Captured and Controlled by the large Corporations in that Industry.
I don’t know of one.

Neoliberal control of all aspects of peoples lives is set to get even worse in the future, if the Neoliberal Elites continue to operate unchallenged.

The EU is already planning mass censorship to prevent more people finding out about the EU, with Article 13 (now Article 17)

It is planning to force more budget and spending control over EU member states. See the recent arguments by the EU over Italy’s mildly anti austerity budget proposals.

Macron and Merkel are pushing for an EU Army which will be used to suppress internal dissent. German troops will be used to oppress French civilians and vice versa etc. (Who is this EU army going to fight a war with or defend against? Russia? Don’t make me laugh. Defend the Borders? The EU haven’t wanted to do this up until now, why would they suddenly want to start? The purpose is for internal domestic control.)

The UN has already passed the “Global Compact for Migration”. Which is principally aimed at the EU and encourages unlimited illegal mass immigration, forces EU countries to accept them, and will be a huge burden to receiving countries in terms of Welfare Payments and the use of limited government resources such as Healthcare, Education and Housing/Accommodation at the expense of existing citizens. The EU refugee crisis of 2015 was principally caused by the Neocon Wars since 2001 which have created the largest refugee crisis since WW2 and Merkel encouraging illegal economic migrants to try and get into the EU by saying “Everyone Welcome”. Merkel is now trying to force the other EU countries to share the burden she herself created in 2015. The Visegrad countries are refusing to go along with Merkel and EU Diktats, which is causing ructions and arguments within the EU.

The purpose of the UN Migration Pact is to keep poor and lower income Europeans impoverished by suppressing real wages, and provide a cheap source of Labor for Corporations to enhance Corporate profits.

Theresa May also signed up to this “Global Migration Pact” in December 2018, which received zero coverage in mainstream media.
There were however large protests in Brussels, outside the EU office buildings, against it. But just like the recent massive Yellow Vest protests in France, the protests in Brussels were NOT shown on mainstream TV such as the BBC etc.)

This has been a longstanding goal of the Neoliberal Globalists to destroy Europe to achieve total control by the bankers, see former senior Goldman Sachs exec and former “UN Special Representative for Migration” 2006 to 2017, Peter Sutherland.
Note also how he disparages Democracy and the “Popular will of the People” by using the derogatory term “Populism”.
The EU absolutely hates the new government in Italy and the Yellow Vest protesters in France!

The EU’s Neoliberal “solution” to the EU’s declining Birth Rate below replacement levels, is to import millions more uneducated and unskilled illegal immigrants from the Middle East and Africa.
This is no solution at all. After 3 years, 95% of the over one million illegal immigrants who entered Germany in 2015 and 2016 were still unemployed imposing massive burdens on the rest of the German population in Welfare Payments and the limited resources available in Education, Healthcare and Housing / Accommodation at the expense of the ordinary workers and taxpayers in Germany.

See also  Nancy Pelosi has seen her wealth increase to nearly $115 million from $41 million in 2004...

There is no doubt that the Neoliberal policies over the last 30 plus years have greatly exacerbated the declining Birth Rate in Europe and the US.
The “Austerity” programs in Europe since 2009 have made the problem EVEN WORSE.
Ordinary people can no longer afford to have so many children and young people are being forced to live much longer at home because they cannot afford to buy or rent their own home due to higher housing/rental costs, and the higher paid ones have massive student debts.

The solution to declining Birth Rates is to make it easier for ordinary young people to afford children.

This would include reducing taxes on basic necessities such as electricity, fuel, government “licenses” such as annual vehicle taxes (for cheap cars, not gas guzzlers), cheap basic clothes, property taxes (for cheap housing/accommodation). There are a whole range of government Stealth Taxes that disproportionately affect low income people.

Reduce Student Debt (I recommend lowering tuition costs and far fewer people going to college and far more people doing on the job training as was the case in years past with apprentices or student nurses etc. without college fees.).
Students are racking up ever more Student Debt for increasingly worthless degrees.

Reducing taxes for people who have 2 or more children.
Viktor Orban in Hungary has just announced new measures where people who have four or more children pay NO TAXES for LIFE.
He is also refusing to obey the EU Diktats of accepting the Brussels  imposed “quota” of the 1.5 million illegal immigrants from 2015/2016 that Brussels and Merkel encouraged. Quite right! Let Merkel and Brussels pay for their own mistakes. Don’t encourage them to make more.

Needless to say the Neoliberal Dictators in the EU absolutely HATE Orban for putting the interests of ordinary Hungarians first and refusing to obey Brussels.
Orban is smeared at every opportunity in the Neoliberal Globalist media, such as the BBC.

The disastrous consequences of Neoliberal polices are everywhere and very easy to see.
From increasing wealth and income inequality, to falling birth rates, to increasing poverty for the lower 90%, to increasing social unrest as more and more people wake up and realize there is something terribly wrong with what’s going on and government policies over the last 30 plus years.

Its time we put an end to Neoliberalism and consign it to the garbage can of history.
That means kicking the entire current system out, tearing down the existing Neoliberal institutions such as the EU and the Federal Reserve, replacing the Corporate media by making it go bankrupt and switching it off, completely abandoning current and recent policies, and putting in policies and systems that benefits the people and not the Oligarchs.

The EU and the US are now the SLOWEST growing economic areas in the ENTIRE world.
The reasons for this are very easy to understand. New wealth is only going to the top 1%, and increasingly the top 0.01%, while the ordinary 95% or 98% of people become increasingly poorer.

The Developing Countries, especially China and South Asia have lifted large numbers of ordinary people out of poverty over the last 30 years.
China now has a large Middle Class that simply didn’t exist 30 years ago.
We need to go back to expanding the Middle Class – not actively destroying it.

MASSIVE amounts of wealth are also being wasted on War and Militarism.

Economic Charts showing the Transfer of Wealth from the many to the few.
Neoliberalism isn’t working – we need to ditch it.


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