Never-ending Covid: 3rd Booster Shot Arriving this September

by Chris Black

The U.S. will begin wide distribution of Covid booster shots next month, saying vaccine protection wanes over time.

So, people who trust the government are going to line up to receive yet another dose of a vaccine that hasn’t been fully tested for use in humans. And the vaccine doesn’t prevent COVID infection per their own admission. This is Darwinism in full view.

The WEF agenda is on schedule.

This video by WhatsHerFace is around 5 minutes long, and in it she talks about the John Hopkins’s SPARS document. It’s a pandemic exercise narrative that was written in 2017 that describes a respiratory illness (SPARS) outbreak and the responses to that crisis.

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It even describes a scenario where the vaccine that was developed to provide protection from the virus ends up killing and injuring millions of people instead.

As John Wayne said, “You can’t fix stupid”.


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