Never in American history have politicians been more powerful than they are now.

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These politicians need to GO! and I’m seriously getting tired of these tyrants! These LEO’s need to realize THEY WORK FOR US!

Scroll to 2:00 in and watch your tax paying dollars at work!

Suggest pine and let’s water this to watch it grow, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Authorities release, arrest California man three times in one day under new state policy

THE DANGER ON THE ROCKS HAS SURELY PASSED. STILL I REMAIN TIED TO THE MAST. Protests sweep California as governor promises changes to lockdown. “The California Highway Patrol (CHP) had announced that it would be barring protests at the capitol because of a lack of social distancing by participants at a previous rally, but protesters gathered on the steps of the capitol regardless, chanting ‘Whose house? Our house!’”

Heh. They probably don’t know what to do when faced with lefty chants — you never arrest the chanters of those. Next try “the people, united, will never be defeated.”

But Newsom’s big problem is that his rules don’t make sense, and he can’t defend them on the basis of saving lives. All he’s got is “because I said so,” and that’s not working.


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