New Totalitarian Pandemic Power-Grab Idea: Permanently Close Some City Streets to Cars.

These past few weeks have been far too filled with various attempts at crisis-induced power grabs by politicians, which isn’t historically unusual. A pandemic is the kind of thing that calls or extraordinary measures but politicians almost (I’m being generous there) always try to get a little too extraordinary with their responses. It is almost as if they are genetically coded to try and take a mile every time a frightened public offers them an inch.

This is a truly bipartisan problem. The September 11th attacks did prompt a Republican president to create the Dept. of Homeland Security after all, a fact that still makes conservatives cringe to this day.

Very little time was wasted before a host of overreactions were suggested during this crisis.

Jerry Brown’s “road diet:” coming to a blue region near you:

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LEGISLATION: Republicans want a lifeline; Democrats want to remake the country.

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