New California Rule: If even 1 person at work is not vaccinated, everyone must wear masks. Starts Jun 15.

Former San Diego city council member Carl DeMaio slammed the state’s latest “draconian” workplace regulations on COVID-19 masks, warning that, if enforced, will deal a “crushing blow” to California businesses.

The California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board’s new rules allow workers to go maskless – only if every employee in a room is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. If just one person, is not vaccinated, all employees must wear a mask.

Employers are also required to stockpile the most effective N95 masks for employees who want them starting July 1.

The board initially voted 4-to-3 to reject any changes to current rules but later reversed the decision to give the new rules the go-ahead on Thursday.

“I think a lot of people were stunned by that ultimate rule. I talked to various business groups who just felt it was arbitrary, capricious, (and) draconian,” said DeMaio, who chairs “Reform California” an advocacy group that opposes tax increases and promotes government accountability. “You know, nobody agrees with the rule that they adopted.”

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