New DoD Adviser: Get Rid of the Marine Corps

Retired Army Col. Douglas Macgregor, newly-appointed as a senior adviser at the Pentagon, has a track record of making controversial statements. But his most provocative of all might be a proposal to do away with the U.S. Marine Corps.

In a 2012 opinion piece for Time Magazine, Macgregor, a decorated veteran of the Gulf War, argued that the Corps was living on its past glories and was unsuited for combat on today’s battlefield, with the possible exception for pushover enemies.

There are currently about 180,000 Marines. A case can be made to make the force smaller, and go back to its roots as a sea-born force both are already underway. This leads to the flexibility to increase on the already high standards.

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The Corps has just disbanded ALL tank units, as they will not be needed in a South China Sea conflict.

They have done a good job of heading off all the politically correct crap over the years. But, they will probably succumb just like everyone else. Women in combat etc, women training with men – If Biden/Harris get in, shit will accelerate to the downside guaranteed. They have the fewest blacks and the fewest woman, and well, we can’t have that can we.



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