NEW Flynn interview – “will need help from digital soldiers soon”

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Short interview with General Flynn. Something is coming soon and the fightback will step up (talking about truths coming out, not violence).

2:30 min – show starts
3 min – thanks the digital soldiers “when we fight we will overcome anything”
4:35 min – “the gross abuse of power…is grotesque”
6 min – “step back from the cliff or the abyss and fight back”
7:45 – “we got alot going on”
9:00 – “in the coming days we will need help from digital soldiers” – “a new platform for truth”
10 min – “we will win but have to go through this”
11 min – “be demanding on your local politicians”
12 min – “I’ll be back and talk more about this digital soldier effort we have underway”



h/t Endless Speck


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