Well….Daaaaamn! I GOTS da COVID

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by FeedYourHead

Both myself and my wife.

I’ve been sick since a few days before Thanksgiving.

Had a horrendous cough (violent attacks) usually when laying down. My throat tickled and then the coughing attacks would start. Kept both myself and wife from getting much sleep for several days.

With the cough not getting any better I had a video visit with my doc. When describing my symptoms he suspected a sinus infection or severe post nasal drip. I wasn’t running a fever but was completely lethargic and big time body aches, etc.

So a few days after I started with the symptoms my wife followed me. She never got as bad as I did but we are both doing much better now on the coughing, etc BUT (and I had heard about this) the LETHARGY….the pure exhaustion is beyond ridiculous.

It was because of this I went and got tested last week and just the results back…big ol bold red POSITIVE!

Just be careful out there folks…I really think it’s just a crap shoot whether you get it or not. I will tell you she and I have been mega dosing on Vitamin D3 since Covid first hit and I highly suspect that is why we got through (hopefully)this as easy as we have.




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