New GMO Wheat Contains Hemmorrhagic Fever

Monsanto is possibly one of the most evil corporations in the world…


4 thoughts on “New GMO Wheat Contains Hemmorrhagic Fever

    • Right. David Booth (aka/dba Sorcha) and his clique of ‘Russian nuns’ and other non-existent ‘sources’. Right down there with Neon Nettle and Godlike Productions and their scummy ilk. IWB seems to thrive on ANY conspiracy story that gives them clicks, with ZERO fact-checking.

      • That may be, but what I DO know is that we have just recently released the ban on “manipulating” deadly viruses! I don’t understand why, why is this important to do?
        We are living in an age of evil! If they have it, no matter what they tell you, they WILL use it!!!! Look at how quickly our federal government made military vehicles and equipment available to local law enforcements! This was a just in case. Now they are routine!!! This happened in about five years!!!! They use them every chance they get…can’t wait! I rest my case….

  1. Sounds like something that would fit under the Dec 21st EO … imagine how much good could be done if all of Monsanto’s assets were seized!

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