New information may show Carona Virus still contagious AFTER recovery

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I’ve been following Peak Prosperity for the past week. They seem to have a lot of good information. The one I listened to today sent chills up my spine. (I don’t know how to imbed so please help me if you can’t view it. Skip to 9:35. Here it begins about the German carona case. The person had a mild case that only lasted for a few days and returned back to work. A few days after returning to work samples were taken and stilled showed very high presence of the virus in the system.

Here could be the biggest question yet, how long is a person contagious after recovery? If this virus turns out to be a biologically engineered, would they be so evil to ensure if you recover you will then turn into a carrier? If this is the case, this disease will be put into category by itself. The momma of all pandemics could already be starting to unfold.

People live from paycheck to paycheck. They will not stay home for weeks or months on end in voluntary quarantine till full recovery. Read about typhoid Mary. They literally had to place her on an island till the day she died to prevent the spread of the disease.

You really can’t compare this virus with the others. This is new and still unfolding. Lots of misinformation in the beginning stages. It is clear that China hasn’t been very good about giving out information. We will not know until we see it firsthand. If one recovers, are they still infectious? That might become the biggest question, ever.

If this is a China-engineered virus I truly don’t think they released this deliberately. We have sloppy medical workers and I would expect they have the same. If this was not tested on humans before they would have to have a wait and see attitude to see what unfolds. According to what I have ascertained, it came out around December 1. By January they realized they had a big problem on their hands. If one was looking at a 20% complication rate to pneumonia, that in itself is pretty bad and will overload their medical facilities. What is worrisome is I am not seeing a big turnaround in their recovery numbers (even if you could believe them.) What if the real danger is a person would still be infectious long after recovery?

This could be some of the reasons why we are seeing quarantines of large cities. The Chinese are censoring all information coming from Wuhan. They are literally bolting people in place. Crematoriums are running night and day to dispose of bodies quickly. I think now they are in panic mode. I also came across articles saying they have decided which cities to save and which are expendable.

I also saw a video that looks like inside of an arena. The person videoing was above and looking down. I saw people in chairs and on the floor covered with blankets. What struck me was the shear number of them shaking like a seizure. I also saw numerous videos where they fall over dead still carrying grocery bags.

I’ve been a news hound for the past 50 years and have never seen anything like this. For the first time, I can actually say I am worried. Not so much from catching this virus because I live in a very rural area, I am deeply concerned about the economic ramifications. This is something all of us will be facing rather soon.


CDC says you can catch it twice

which means it aint dead



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