“New Jersey has not spent most of its stimulus money, federal watchdog says” —— NJ received $2.4 Billion, but only spent 2.1% of that money! Their entire rhetoric of a financial catstophy is bullshit.

As Congress debates whether to provide more federal aid to state and local governments reeling from the coronavirus, a report by a federal government watchdog found that New Jersey had yet to spend most of the money already approved.

According to the U.S. Treasury Department inspector general, New Jersey has spent just 2.1% of the $2.4 billion, or $51 million, it received under the $2 trillion stimulus law known as the CARES Act. New York, on the other hand, spent 42.3% of its allocation while Pennsylvania spent 28.7%.

A spokeswoman for Gov. Phil Murphy, Jennifer Sciortino, said the numbers, which cover the period through June 30, were out of date.

“At this point, the administration is in the process of allocating hundreds of millions of dollars for a wide range of critical purposes, some of which were recently announced (i.e. funding for Main Street businesses, food banks, and to bridge the digital divide in school) and others which will be rolled out in the coming days and weeks,” Sciortino said.


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