New law in blue-state Virginia requires every child be vaccinated

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by Dr. Eowyn

While we were preoccupied with the coronavirus plandemic and the Floyd riots that followed (gee, one nationwide disaster after another, what a coincidence), nearly two months ago on Apri 22, 2020, Virginia’s legislature passed a draconian bill, HB 1090, which requires every child/adolescent 18 years or younger — except those who are homeless (!) — be vaccinated, regardless of parental wishes or consent.

If the child does not have documentary proof of having received vaccinations “that are routinely recommended for children of all ages,”  he/she shall not be admitted to a school.

Introduced by a Demonrat of course, delegate Patrick Hope (Arlington County), the bill passed the House by a 51-44 vote. Before that, HB 1090 had already been passed by the state Senate and approved (“recommended”) by Gov. Ralph Northam, which means HB 1090 is now law in Virginia.

HB 1090: Immunizations; regulations by State Board of Health says (I supplied the bold red-color emphasis):

A BILL to amend and reenact §§22.1-271.2 and 32.1-46 of the Code of Virginia, relating to required immunizations.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1. That §§22.1-271.2 and 32.1-46 of the Code of Virginia are amended and reenacted as follows:

§22.1-271.2. Immunization requirements.

A. No student shall be admitted by a school unless at the time of admission the student or his parent submits documentary proof of immunization to the admitting official of the school or unless the student is exempted from immunization pursuant to subsection C or is a homeless child or youth as defined in subdivision A 7 of §22.1-3….

Any physician, nurse practitioner, registered nurse or local health department employee performing immunizations shall provide to any person who has been immunized or to his parent, upon request, documentary proof of immunizations conforming with the requirements of this section.

B. Any student whose immunizations are incomplete may be admitted conditionally if that student provides documentary proof at the time of enrollment of having received at least one dose of the required immunizations accompanied by a schedule for completion of the required doses within 90 calendar days. If the student requires more than two doses of hepatitis B vaccine, the conditional enrollment period shall be 180 calendar days.

The immunization record of each student admitted conditionally shall be reviewed periodically until the required immunizations have been received.

Any student admitted conditionally and who fails to comply with his schedule for completion of the required immunizations shall be excluded from school until his immunizations are resumed.

C. No certificate of immunization shall be required for the admission to school of any student if (i) the student or his parent submits an affidavit to the admitting official stating that the administration of immunizing agents conflicts with the student’s religious tenets or practices; or (ii) the school has written certification from a licensed physician, licensed nurse practitioner, or local health department that one or more of the required immunizations may be detrimental to the student’s health, indicating the specific nature and probable duration of the medical condition or circumstance that contraindicates immunization.

However, if a student is a homeless child or youth as defined in subdivision A 7 of §22.1-3 and (a) does not have documentary proof of necessary immunizations or has incomplete immunizations and (b) is not exempted from immunization pursuant to clauses (i) or (ii) of this subsection, the school division shall immediately admit such student and shall immediately refer the student to the local school division liaison, as described in the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Improvements Act of 2001, as amended (42 U.S.C. §11431 et seq.)(the Act), who shall assist in obtaining the documentary proof of, or completing, immunization and other services required by such Act.

D. The admitting official of a school shall exclude from the school any student for whom he does not have documentary proof of immunization or notice of exemption pursuant to subsection C, including notice that such student is a homeless child or youth as defined in subdivision A 7 of §22.1-3.

E. Every school shall record each student’s immunizations on the school immunization record. The school immunization record shall be a standardized form provided by the State Department of Health, which shall be a part of the mandatory permanent student record. Such record shall be open to inspection by officials of the State Department of Health and the local health departments.

The school immunization record shall be transferred by the school whenever the school transfers any student’s permanent academic or scholastic records.

Within 30 calendar days after the beginning of each school year or entrance of a student, each admitting official shall file a report with the local health department. The report shall be filed on forms prepared by the State Department of Health and shall state the number of students admitted to school with documentary proof of immunization, the number of students who have been admitted with a medical or religious exemption and the number of students who have been conditionally admitted, including those students who are homeless children or youths as defined in subdivision A 7 of §22.1-3….

E. For the purpose of protecting the public health by ensuring that each child receives age-appropriate immunizations, any physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, licensed institutional health care provider, or local or district health department, the Virginia Immunization Information System, and the Department of Health may share immunization and patient locator information without parental authorization, including, but not limited to, the month, day, and year of each administered immunization; the patient’s name, address, telephone number, birth date, and social security number; and the parents’ names. The immunization information; the patient’s name, address, telephone number, birth date, and social security number; and the parents’ names shall be confidential and shall only be shared for the purposes set out in this subsection.

Surprisingly, the new law deigns to allow parents or guardians to exclude their child from the human papillomavirus vaccine because the virus “is not communicable in a school setting,” so long as the parents/guardians have “reviewed materials describing the link between the human papillomavirus and cervical cancer”.

How magnanimous of the Virginia state government! [Sarc]

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