New Nigerian Covid variant found in UK ‘could be resistant to vaccines’

Could, may, not really scientific, but Simon is a doctor so you’d better trust him and be more afraid than you were yesterday.

Dr Simon Clark, from the University of Reading, said the new strain – first detected in Nigeria – could ‘blunt’ immunity from any vaccine or previous infection after 32 cases were found in the UK

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A disturbing new Covid mutation which was first detected in Nigeria has been found in the UK, reports say.

Dr Simon Clarke, an associate professor of cellular microbiology at the University of Reading, warned the strain may be resistant to current vaccines.

University of Edinburgh researchers have reportedly found 32 cases of the B1525 variant in Britain.

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Experts at the university say this new strain contains the E484K mutation to the spike protein.

And the punchline…

Vaccine companies previously say jabs work less effectively against the E484K mutation.

However, experts are confident the vaccine will protect people from serious illness and death.



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