New York City Robbery Rate is up 41% from last Year.


New York, NY: New York city has been in the news lately with a series of brazen smash and grab robberies. However, according to New York Police the robbery rate in April is up 41.5% (1,261) from this time last year (891). In addition, New York Police stats show burglaries in April are up 39.4% (1,209) from this time last year (867).

The Difference between Robbery and Burglary
Moreover, robberies are a form of theft that use force or violence against an individual to steal their property. Where as burglary is theft or the intent of theft of property where force or violence isn’t used. Robberies usually involve the use of a weapon against an individual. Where as burglary usually don’t involve the use of weapons against people to steal property. Consequently they both result in theft no matter the technical nuances between both property crimes.

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New York Businesses Suffer from Brazen Smash and Grab Attacks
However, the spiked robbery and burglary rates in New York show criminals are having a free for all taking property. In addition smash and grab robberies are becoming a major concern for New York businesses and residents. We covered one brazen smash and grab attack last week where thieves stole $20,000 in jewelry. Moreover, the business in this robbery was saved by their metal security shutters closing the display window on the criminals.


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