New York county legislator wants to ban smoking — in citizens’ private homes

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Some lawmakers in Suffolk County, New York, want so badly to stamp out tobacco smoking that they believe private citizens shouldn’t be allowed to smoke in their own private residences.

According to a Wednesday WCBS-TV report, those lawmakers are proposing to act on that.

What are the details?

WCBS’ Jennifer McLogan reported that while smoking is banned in a vast majority of public spaces, lawmakers are eyeing laws to make apartment buildings, condominiums, and multi-family homes smoke-free, too.

Leglislator Sam Gonzalez is sponsoring a bill that would effectively ban all smoking in such areas.

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“It’s not going too far,” he insisted. “We’re heading in that direction anyway. We can’t smoke in restaurants. We can’t smoke in buildings. We can’t smoke inside the theaters. There are parks, there are beaches, that you can’t smoke in. We are headed there.”

Many citizens reportedly say that such legislation will be impossible to enforce, but Gonzalez refuted that idea.–in-citizens-private-homes?utm_content=buffer8acd2&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=tw-theblaze


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