NEW YORK: Homeless Man Set On Fire — Horrible Act Filmed And Posted On Twitter


This is horrible!

Homeless man literally set on fire last night on the streets in Brooklyn.

– No Police
– No Privilege
– No Help
– No MSM
– No Statement of Mayor / Governor
– No Protests
– No Story !!!

Thankfully the man survived.

He is in the hospital in stable condition.

I guess that black life didn’t matter to the “protesters”.

Video: Homeless Man Literally Set On Fire Last Night On The Streets In Brooklyn By A Black Male – Hardly Any Media Coverage

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There has been a dramatic spike in illegal fireworks. The number of 911 calls is 10 times higher than last year.

On Monday night, in a span of just about an hour Chopper 2 spotted fireworks being set off from multiple locations in the five boroughs.

Police were called to the scene in NYC’s Harlem around 4 am on Monday.

The report came from near 62 Lenox Ave (Malcolm X Boulevard) and West 113th Street, the 28th Precinct said in a statement.

EMS responded to the scene and the 66-year-old victim was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital.



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