New York is on the verge of fully legalized abortion at the full 9 months including during birth!

New York is on the verge of fully legalized abortion at the full 9 months including during birth.
Hillary Clinton pushed hard for this, and got it. It can be performed by anyone, no doctor needed provided the “mothers health is at risk”, her life does not need to be at risk, only her “health” and they don’t define “health” which means any reason at all, including “I don’t want it and I am going to cry and that will damage my mental health”. It has to mean that if non doctors can do the abortion, it will be perfectly legal to simply bash the baby to death in the womb until the mother miscarries
But of course, if the mother does drugs while pregnant, she’s still “endangering the child”. There’s no danger to the “child” if you kill it altogether because it is not a child if you just want to kill it at birth.

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A full term “fetus” still has to be delivered, so there’s no chance the “health” excuse is legit. Dead or alive, the birth is still a birth, they can’t tear a full term “fetus” in the womb apart without injuring the mother with the broken bones, once they get past a certain point they have to come out whole.
So the whole damn thing is a certified scam, probably fronted to provide a source of live babies for rituals and blood draws – “Oh, I did not have that baby, I had an abortion”. Who’s going to know where it really went, dead or alive?


Update to below: I am convinced New York’s new abortion law is for providing babies to be sacrificed

There was a Jewish witness to child sacrifice on Oprah in the 80’s. This got rendered from VHS and put on Youtube and may still be there (I have this saved on a back up hard drive somewhere). In the video the Jewish woman describes how horrible it was, and that some Jewish women would carry children to term while hid away, deliver the baby, and then hand it over for sacrifice rituals done “for power”. So New York, being Jew Central, probably wants abortion legalized up until birth to provide cover for babies they want to use for sacrificial rituals, and they don’t want to explain where they went. “She just had an abortion, not performed by a doctor, that’s all!”.
Jewish midwives would help with the delivery, and the baby goes to the altar.

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They are losing ground badly now with Trump as president, the timing of this is also suspect. They need a super caffeinated meth boost of “power” now, and they may plan to get that boost from an enormous pile of rituals. The public is already suspect of child protective services helping these people get their “material” to work with, and a totally abhorrent abortion law would provide perfect cover.