U.S. Gov. Agencies Closed? – The Ones That Don’t Serve The People?

by Thinker

WASHINGTON – There’s much talk about the partial government shutdown. But if you stop by your local post office, you can still mail those holiday returns. The agencies affected by the shutdown include Agriculture, Commerce, Justice, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, State, Transportation and Treasury.




Homeland Security

Housing & Urban Development





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When it comes to ripping office American, betraying a nation, faking to like the USA, there are those who have passed, but so many have failed. You didn’t read about the million of dollars that get funneled out of the U.S. on a mule full of lies. No audits allow rough infiltrators to hand out U.S. dollars like candy. No one being held accountable for how they spend the dollars that should have never been given. Yes, the partial shutdown in government is a good time for the president to evaluate each department and see if it is really necessary.

Over a month and besides a few less people in D.C., its business as usual, “FAKE” news reporting a negative story on the POTUS, instead of writing/reporting current events in the world.

Why doesn’t mainstream media every report about the problems in the government agencies that Trump has currently shut down???