New York Magazine Writer Argues Media Worse for Biden than for Trump

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by Chris Black

If they’re not gaslighting you, they’re sampling their own product, as Chait demonstrates here. Total institutional control just isn’t enough.

The Left are the establishment. Yet they have to continuously portray themselves as scrappy underdogs fighting the machine… when they are the machine. It’s pathological. This irresponsible behavior is malicious in its chutzpah, but unsurprising. They can’t help themselves. However, one can’t be both a pimp and a prostitute. It’s a lesson they’ll never absorb.


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This is why the country is in the dump, in a transparent example of how the current elite in the US cannot maintain a civilization and should never have oversight over European nations. 

The Biden Administration is overwhelmingly and in your face kosher. Working well, isn’t it?


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