NEW YORK: Pride Parade Sponsored By BLM And LBGTQ Activist Falls Into Chaos

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LGBTQ, BLM march in Manhattan leads to clashes with cops

The crowd of hundreds — some of whom carried anti-police-brutality banners and waved rainbow flags — got into confrontations with officers after reaching Washington Square Park in the West Village from downtown Foley Square.

The tensions erupted after officers spotted 29-year-old Brooklyn resident Michael Dunn allegedly vandalizing a marked police car with black marker at about 4:30 p.m., law enforcement sources said.

Chanting “Hands up! Don’t shoot!,’’ the protesters clashed with the horde of cops, screaming in their faces, video and photos show. Some of the marchers and cops were not wearing face masks.

Matthew Chayes

Pepper spray, including of a cop, another falls off a motorcycle, other cops pushing…. at splitter Pride march.

Adam Gray

NYPD officers are chased off after altercations and arrests with #QueerLiberationMarch protestors in #NYC #NYCPride #nycprotests @SWNS @agreatbigcity



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