NEW YORK TIMES CORRECTS Fake News After Trump Calls Them Out

President Trump called out The New York Times this morning after they blatantly lied about the crowd size at his Tennessee rally on Tuesday night. They issued a correction after the president challenged the paper’s mistake, acknowledging the audience in Nashville, Tennessee, was more than five times larger than The Times initially reported.

This is the usual mantra from the press who try and make President Trump look bad every time he makes an appearance. This is childish and a stupid stunt from the reporter who obviously tried to pull one over on everyone. The problem is that Trump is on to them and is willing to call them out on the lies.

The Times claimed an earlier report got the number wrong. Nice try but everyone knows they take a photo when the arena is half full and use that photo to push the fake news about crowd size.

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The correction stated:

“While no exact figure is available, the fire marshal’s office estimated that approximately 5,500 people attended the rally, not about 1,000 people.”

Mr. Trump had accused the Times Wednesday morning of lying about the crowd size at the arena where he was campaigning Tuesday night for GOP Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn.

The Failing and Corrupt @nytimes estimated the crowd last night at “1000 people,” when in fact it was many times that number – and the arena was rockin’. This is the way they demean and disparage. They are very dishonest people who don’t “get” me, and never did!

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— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 30, 2018

Times’ reporter Julie Hirschfeld Davis, who wrote the article, said on Twitter that she made a mistake.

Trump blasts ‘dishonest’ New York Times for estimating 1,000 attended Nashville rally

New York Times corrects crowd size estimate of Trump rally




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